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My Charmant is ILL!

Posted in Car stuff on September 25, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Don’t really have the mood to really go into the details, but all I have to say is that after all my recent hard driving on my Charmant, the engine seem to have taken its toll and one of my piston may have a serious problem, or it could just have been the gasket, will need to do a compression test tomorrow to clarify on this matter.

Just when I was still thinking of what rims I should get for my Charmant, my engine now gives me additional headache to worry about, ah… I guess this is what car life is all about, you drive and play hard, the car will eventually be haunted with wear and tear issues, add up to the fact that I’m not really good in taking good care of it, I guess that’s what makes it worse, haha!  I’m so sorry, Louis!

Hopefully I can get the Engine fixed with as minimal sum I can spend, there’s still so much stuffs that I’ve wanted to do with my Charmant!  Be strong!  And wish me luck!