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Star Drift Round 3 Final Here I Come!

Posted in Travelling on September 18, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I’ve booked my MAS ticket last month, I’ll be flying over to KL early morning on 9th October, and I’ll be heading straight down to Melaka in a friend’s ride.

All the Star Drift rounds for 2009 so far have been held in A’Famosa resort, Melaka.  First I was told that the venue was going to be the new Go Kart track called MIMC which is also in Melaka, but in the end they’ve decided to switch it back to A’Famosa again, for whatever reason, I do not know, but either one would be awesome to me since I never been to either place anyways!

I’ll be going to Star Drift alone, my wife and my son won’t be following, Darren is still a little too young (he’s 5 months old now) to be brought around outdoors.  Aside from the fact that this would be my first ever Star Drift event that I’d be attending to, I’d also be helping out for the event, in whatever post or duties I do not know yet at this moment, but I’m sure I can handle anything that’s been thrown at me.  The point of my voluntary work for the event is that I’d be getting free accommodation!  Now that’d save me some expenses, haha!  (I have very limited money to spend these days, so I gotta spend WISELY! LOL!)

Ever since I’ve graduated and came back to Sibu, I’ve been eager to check out the progress of the current drift scene, because I know how much things have changed compared to the old times, I can tell from the pictures and videos that our drifters from W. Malaysia have improved heaps throughout the years, plus the cars been built nowadays are way sicker than before too, I just can’t wait to check all those out in October!

I’ll try to get myself a decent digicam since I don’t have one at the moment, so that I’d be able to snap some pictures of my long awaited Star Drift experience, as a helper, from the sidelines.  My return flight would be on 12th October, which would be on an early Monday morning.

Louis, are you in KL or JB now? Wanna go down to Melaka together for Star Drift? hehe…

For more info on Star Drift round 3 Final, check it out at DCM > Click Me!