SANDEN AirCond Compressors

Months before I swapped my Charmant with a 16v 4AGE, it was still running on 4K engine, the aircond compressor was replaced with a Sanden SD507 – S 9173 58568 model, since then my aircond was freakin awesome.  Unfortunately, this Sanden compressor doesn’t fit on 4AGE, so it’s now sitting in my house gathering dust.

Back then my dad bought this compressor for a whoppin RM550, no shit!  This compressor was used for less than a year before it was stripped out for the 4AGE conversion.  What I intended to do was to find someone that knows or needs this Compressor so I can sell it cheap to him, and maybe I have some extra $$ to get my own air cond fix, or probably get myself a better exhaust, since mine is making real nuisance sounds, not good not good.

If any of you out there would know how much would this worth, do let me know yea?  So far I’ve checked on Google and these are what I found: – going for $200++ – This one however going for US$50shanghai, not sure what currency is that… is it in US dollars or shanghai? LOL!

Oh speaking of which, today’s my Birthday, and I got 3 birthday cakes, haha, and they’re all chocolate flavors, yummy!

5 Responses to “SANDEN AirCond Compressors”

  1. happy birthday bro.. may you be granted all your needs and taken away from what are not.. three choc cakes, huh? so i guess that’s the menu for the whole week? haha..

  2. Happy Birthday Stan!

  3. happy birthday man, btw im coming over on 1st – 5th, lets go drifting

  4. Edgar & Zam: Thanks guys!

    Kev: No problem, give me a call when you’re here.

  5. Oops…looks like I missed your birthday! Belated birthday greetings, neighbour…and may all your wishes come true. Have a great year ahead!

    P.S. THREE cakes? Wah! Didn’t send some my way! Sulk! Sulk! Hahahahaha!

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