Sibu’s strongest man?

That’s right, I can do this:

Bent lug wrench

Bent lug wrench

I bent my lug wrench while changing tires, LOL!

Actually, my lug wrench is just badly constructed, and the fact that the tire shop workers have had my lug nuts screwed way too tight just makes things worse.

Yesterday morning the weather was cloudy, it rained and it stopped, cool day, great for drifting!  And before I headed to the basketball court, I’ve decided I should go have some drifting fun at my usual playground, after all, I just pumped my Charmant with RON97 again, felt good.

After an half an hour session, my left front tire went flat:

Flat tire

Flat tire

I don’t have any 14″ rims and tires around so I thought I might as well swap it with a 13″ for the time being so I can drive to a nearby tire shop, but before I can change my tires, I was stuck with 2 particular nuts on my wheels, they’re so tightly screwed I can barely even move them, I tried so hard (plus some manly moans too) that I actually bent the lug wrench, nice….

The 2 lug nuts that gave me hell

The 2 lug nuts that gave me hell

That’s when I knew I’m in trouble, so I called up my mechanic friend from A1 workshop, he soon dropped by in 15 minutes for the rescue.

The troubles doesn’t end here though, as my mechanic friend finally loosen all nuts and going to replace my front with a 13″ wheel, it is found that it doesn’t FIT!  The brakes are too big for the tiny 13″ wheel of mine, and I never knew until now! LOL!

Lucky my friend came in a car, we took the flat tire and visited a nearby tire shop and got it repaired, drove back to my car and had it installed.

All of the above took me 1 hour, and I was very late for my basketball game of course.

Things to buy next time, a better quality lug wrench! And some proper 14″ wheels for spares!


5 Responses to “Sibu’s strongest man?”

  1. aww man.. that’s bad man..

    invest in a torque wrench that can do 200nm..

    cause if it’s too tight, and u’re drifting, your lugs would either snap or the threads on the lugs will fade away.. it can happen anytime. so use a torque wrench and secure the nuts yourself.. the apprentice guys at the shop probably didn’t know bout it..

  2. Eddie: Torque wrench not necessarily needed IMO, I just need to make sure next time those apprentice don’t overtorqued the nuts, don’t want to bend my lug wrench again, just bought 1 yesterday, haha!

  3. That’s the reason why i got them 14″ in the first place, cause 13″ will not clear the calipers!!! If not, i’d just save and use 13″. I was going 😮 when i read your blog!! Like, hehe, he’s gonna know those 13″ don’t fit the hard way!!! :p

  4. ya.. if the shop knows how to do it.. else i’d be worried!!!

  5. tofu: Haha! I better get myself some spare 14″ rims fast! LOL!

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