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Kuching’s Go Kart Track

Posted in Sarawak Drift Tracks on September 11, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I got some friends that have been asking me to visit Kuching lately, speaking of Kuching, there’s this go kart track right beside the Stadium, the track iss also pretty much action packed during the weekend afternoons, and here’s a video showing how’s the track layout is:

Once you’ve seen this video, you’d know that the track is basically converted from an existing car park.

The track however, is a lot bigger as compared to the one from Sarikei which I’ve featured before, but considering the fact that there’s dividers, gutters and the trees alongside the track, they’re definitely things to watch out for if I were to push my old car to the limits there.

Another downside for me is that there aren’t any big corners, I guess that’s how it is when it was converted from a Car Park, all you get are mostly 90 degree tight turns, hmmm….

But hey, it is STILL driftable from the looks of it, and I am still very, very KEEN on drifting my Charmant there…. the main concern here would be the transportation, I can either drive all the way there or have my Charmant transported down by a trailer.

But meh…. I don’t think any of this will happen anytime soon, as far as I feel right now, it just ain’t that much of a fun when you have to do this all by yourself (a convoy with a group of friends down to Kuching would be a whole lot more fun!), sucks that nobody in Sibu is seriously into Drifting, sigh~~