Daihatsu Charmant Sexiness!

I have some sexy pictures of Daihatsu Charmants sent to me several months back by a good friend of mine, Zamil.  Thanks man!

When I was looking through these set of photos, I was literally drooling.  And I bet Edgar would be feeling pretty much the same, haha!

Check out the gallery:

Note: According to Zamil, these photos are taken from various sites, such as Flickr and etc.  It’s no wonder I don’t see most of these rare Charmant pictures on Google!

3 Responses to “Daihatsu Charmant Sexiness!”

  1. :-)~~~~ *drool*
    you’re making me wet my laptop! haha..
    i got more pics of charmant including some dutch brochures and yeah i got those pics you showed here. will be sure to share it with you once i got faster internet connection.. hahaha..

  2. Yea I have the brochure pics as well, I still got some left but I only picked some of my favorites to post it up here, hehe.

  3. No problem dude, a friend is always here to help 🙂

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