MINE’S on Kenari!?

This is what I saw on the streets of Sibu few days back….

This Kelisa is fully loaded... LOL!!!

This Kelisa is fully loaded... LOL!!!

… the driver must be out of his mind, not only is that a ‘Mine’s’ sticker, there’s also a ‘Recaro’ when I see that he still rocking the stock Kenari seats, and not forgetting the RS-R sticker too, maybe he’s using some RS-R parts?  Who knows….

But I can assure you this dude right here have NONE of those goodies on his pathetic Kenari, I bet he doesn’t even know what those stickers really mean, he might be sticking’em up on his car because he thinks they look cool or something, this is a terrible thing that a lot of drivers in Sibu tend to do though, sticking TOTALLY IRELLEVANT stickers on their fucking stock cars!!

Before I end my rant, I present you another ignorant driver….

Yes, this IS a Wira...

Yes, this IS a Wira...


3 Responses to “MINE’S on Kenari!?”

  1. I’ve seen alot of em in KL aswell. GT-R badges on kenari/wira/putra and random stickers like HKS on a kancil how win’s that. There’s just too much to list out anyway.

  2. i have a friend who puts a GTR badge on his wira. lol, tried to convince him to take it out, but i failed!

    anyways, maybe the wira has the AMG tuned VR4 engine from the old galant? haha, that justifies the badge

  3. AMG tuned VR4? I highly doubt so! LOL!

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