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PC Gaming

Posted in Random on September 26, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Slightly off topic here, but I’ve been playing this awesome shooter “Dead Space” for the past couple of months, scared the shit outta me and I enjoyed every bit of the game, I’ve just beaten the game last night and uninstalled it immediately, reason being that I’ve just got my hands on 3 new games, which are Resident Evil 5, NFS: Shift and Batman.

I first tried to install NFS: Shift, after several fail attempts, I’ve decided I should try RE5, which surprisingly, also doesn’t work on my Vista.  My rig and my Vista are literally crap right now, having just got myself some new games, and I can’t even get them properly installed or start up on my pc!  This is truly frustrating, felt like nuking my stupid PC.  This is the time when you thought to yourself… ah… how I wish I have the money to go buy a brand new PC… sweeet… *cough cough*

Anyhow, I’m considering upgrading to Windows 7, hopefully it’ll solve some of the weird compatibility issues I’ve been experiencing with Vista.

And back on the blog’s main topic… I’ll be driving my Charmant to a workshop for the Engine compression test, hopefuly the damage is minor and easy to repair… *gulp*

My Charmant is ILL!

Posted in Car stuff on September 25, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Don’t really have the mood to really go into the details, but all I have to say is that after all my recent hard driving on my Charmant, the engine seem to have taken its toll and one of my piston may have a serious problem, or it could just have been the gasket, will need to do a compression test tomorrow to clarify on this matter.

Just when I was still thinking of what rims I should get for my Charmant, my engine now gives me additional headache to worry about, ah… I guess this is what car life is all about, you drive and play hard, the car will eventually be haunted with wear and tear issues, add up to the fact that I’m not really good in taking good care of it, I guess that’s what makes it worse, haha!  I’m so sorry, Louis!

Hopefully I can get the Engine fixed with as minimal sum I can spend, there’s still so much stuffs that I’ve wanted to do with my Charmant!  Be strong!  And wish me luck!

Things I do when I’m not Drifting

Posted in Wedding Presentation on September 23, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I do this…

It’s a wedding presentation video that I’ve done for a good friend of mine when he just had his wedding last week on 20th September.  I’ve only done 3 so far (inclusive my own wedding), and I’m slowly getting requests from others.  There are people who’ve asked me if I had a website or namecard, I told them no.  Then I realised I should probably have a website setup at least, so I went for blogger and there, my temporary site for my wedding projects:

Stanley Carter Studio – Click!

Do drop by and check it out… p/s: You can also spot my wedding proposal there, if you hadn’t, LOL!

Star Drift Round 3 Final Here I Come!

Posted in Travelling on September 18, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I’ve booked my MAS ticket last month, I’ll be flying over to KL early morning on 9th October, and I’ll be heading straight down to Melaka in a friend’s ride.

All the Star Drift rounds for 2009 so far have been held in A’Famosa resort, Melaka.  First I was told that the venue was going to be the new Go Kart track called MIMC which is also in Melaka, but in the end they’ve decided to switch it back to A’Famosa again, for whatever reason, I do not know, but either one would be awesome to me since I never been to either place anyways!

I’ll be going to Star Drift alone, my wife and my son won’t be following, Darren is still a little too young (he’s 5 months old now) to be brought around outdoors.  Aside from the fact that this would be my first ever Star Drift event that I’d be attending to, I’d also be helping out for the event, in whatever post or duties I do not know yet at this moment, but I’m sure I can handle anything that’s been thrown at me.  The point of my voluntary work for the event is that I’d be getting free accommodation!  Now that’d save me some expenses, haha!  (I have very limited money to spend these days, so I gotta spend WISELY! LOL!)

Ever since I’ve graduated and came back to Sibu, I’ve been eager to check out the progress of the current drift scene, because I know how much things have changed compared to the old times, I can tell from the pictures and videos that our drifters from W. Malaysia have improved heaps throughout the years, plus the cars been built nowadays are way sicker than before too, I just can’t wait to check all those out in October!

I’ll try to get myself a decent digicam since I don’t have one at the moment, so that I’d be able to snap some pictures of my long awaited Star Drift experience, as a helper, from the sidelines.  My return flight would be on 12th October, which would be on an early Monday morning.

Louis, are you in KL or JB now? Wanna go down to Melaka together for Star Drift? hehe…

For more info on Star Drift round 3 Final, check it out at DCM > Click Me!

SANDEN AirCond Compressors

Posted in Car stuff on September 15, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Months before I swapped my Charmant with a 16v 4AGE, it was still running on 4K engine, the aircond compressor was replaced with a Sanden SD507 – S 9173 58568 model, since then my aircond was freakin awesome.  Unfortunately, this Sanden compressor doesn’t fit on 4AGE, so it’s now sitting in my house gathering dust.

Back then my dad bought this compressor for a whoppin RM550, no shit!  This compressor was used for less than a year before it was stripped out for the 4AGE conversion.  What I intended to do was to find someone that knows or needs this Compressor so I can sell it cheap to him, and maybe I have some extra $$ to get my own air cond fix, or probably get myself a better exhaust, since mine is making real nuisance sounds, not good not good.

If any of you out there would know how much would this worth, do let me know yea?  So far I’ve checked on Google and these are what I found: – going for $200++ – This one however going for US$50shanghai, not sure what currency is that… is it in US dollars or shanghai? LOL!

Oh speaking of which, today’s my Birthday, and I got 3 birthday cakes, haha, and they’re all chocolate flavors, yummy!

Sibu’s strongest man?

Posted in Sibu Drifting on September 14, 2009 by Stanley Carter

That’s right, I can do this:

Bent lug wrench

Bent lug wrench

I bent my lug wrench while changing tires, LOL!

Actually, my lug wrench is just badly constructed, and the fact that the tire shop workers have had my lug nuts screwed way too tight just makes things worse.

Yesterday morning the weather was cloudy, it rained and it stopped, cool day, great for drifting!  And before I headed to the basketball court, I’ve decided I should go have some drifting fun at my usual playground, after all, I just pumped my Charmant with RON97 again, felt good.

After an half an hour session, my left front tire went flat:

Flat tire

Flat tire

I don’t have any 14″ rims and tires around so I thought I might as well swap it with a 13″ for the time being so I can drive to a nearby tire shop, but before I can change my tires, I was stuck with 2 particular nuts on my wheels, they’re so tightly screwed I can barely even move them, I tried so hard (plus some manly moans too) that I actually bent the lug wrench, nice….

The 2 lug nuts that gave me hell

The 2 lug nuts that gave me hell

That’s when I knew I’m in trouble, so I called up my mechanic friend from A1 workshop, he soon dropped by in 15 minutes for the rescue.

The troubles doesn’t end here though, as my mechanic friend finally loosen all nuts and going to replace my front with a 13″ wheel, it is found that it doesn’t FIT!  The brakes are too big for the tiny 13″ wheel of mine, and I never knew until now! LOL!

Lucky my friend came in a car, we took the flat tire and visited a nearby tire shop and got it repaired, drove back to my car and had it installed.

All of the above took me 1 hour, and I was very late for my basketball game of course.

Things to buy next time, a better quality lug wrench! And some proper 14″ wheels for spares!

Kuching’s Go Kart Track

Posted in Sarawak Drift Tracks on September 11, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I got some friends that have been asking me to visit Kuching lately, speaking of Kuching, there’s this go kart track right beside the Stadium, the track iss also pretty much action packed during the weekend afternoons, and here’s a video showing how’s the track layout is:

Once you’ve seen this video, you’d know that the track is basically converted from an existing car park.

The track however, is a lot bigger as compared to the one from Sarikei which I’ve featured before, but considering the fact that there’s dividers, gutters and the trees alongside the track, they’re definitely things to watch out for if I were to push my old car to the limits there.

Another downside for me is that there aren’t any big corners, I guess that’s how it is when it was converted from a Car Park, all you get are mostly 90 degree tight turns, hmmm….

But hey, it is STILL driftable from the looks of it, and I am still very, very KEEN on drifting my Charmant there…. the main concern here would be the transportation, I can either drive all the way there or have my Charmant transported down by a trailer.

But meh…. I don’t think any of this will happen anytime soon, as far as I feel right now, it just ain’t that much of a fun when you have to do this all by yourself (a convoy with a group of friends down to Kuching would be a whole lot more fun!), sucks that nobody in Sibu is seriously into Drifting, sigh~~