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Been busy

Posted in Random on August 22, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Been busy on little things.

Haven’t got time to work on my car, as I’m pretty much broke soon after I got my paycheck, LOL!

Anyways, been working on another wedding presentation for a good buddy of mine, will post it up here for all of you to see once I’m done, stay tune for September.

Oh and it seems like the tentative date for KL’s Star Drift Challenge Round 3 is announced, but I’ll wait till next week when the confirmed date is announced, then I’ll book my flight tickets.

And btw, was browsing Speedhunters and I came accross their latest video, Vaughn Gittin JR’s in car experience, check it out!

It’s freakin awesome, but I suggest you go to their website to check out the HD version, worth the loading time!