How convenient!

You know most car enthusiast can spent countless hours just on their cars, whether it’s upgrading, fixing, or even washing.  But not for a lazy*ss like me though…

I went to my usual playground to meet up with a drifter friend from Kuching, and gladly drifted with him for quite a while under the hot blazing sun on a really hazy afternoon.



After we’re done, I then drove home with a really dirty car, and it was then I thought to myself “hmmm… I haven’t washed my Charmant for almost a month now..” Just when I was about to get myself wet, I remembered that a car wash shop was just a few doorsteps away from my house, it’s the one that suituapui visited before, and so I’ve decided to give it a try (lame excuse for being lazy, LOL!)

Charmant car wash

Charmant car wash

It’s really convenient to have your neighbor as a car washer, since I can just leave my car there, and walk back home to take my shower, had my dinner, then walk back to get my cleaned ride, awesome!

One Response to “How convenient!”

  1. Hey! That’s a different guy from the one who washed mine. I think I saw you going there TWICE already. Young man, strong and energetic – should be able to wash your own cars!!! Hahahahaha!!! Ya…it certainly is convenient!

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