Charmant on Bananas!

Enkei Competition 8

Enkei Competition 8

Enkei Competition 8

Enkei Competition 8

The rim is Enkei Japan Competition 8 Racing 13 x 8jj, real wide, but tiny too.

The one you see above is fitted with 175/70/R13 tire, stretched.  It would’ve looked a whole lot better if it is wrapped with a much wider tire.

Anyhow, I only test fitted this wheel last weekend, it ain’t mine though, hehe.

The rims were recently sold on DCM.

6 Responses to “Charmant on Bananas!”

  1. Dude, that is freaking tyte! You should buy em for your Charmant argh. They match with your car well.

  2. Oh shit, Really nice rims for your charmant fits like a glove. Only Longchamps and Banana’s works for old school cars like these, great purchase.

  3. Just when i was wondering how a 13×8 would look on a Charmant, you come to the rescue. Why? Cuz i am considering on buying the exact size Enkei or Compomotive. Thanks Stan!

    No info on the wheel offset? I am betting is ET+10. Charmants have really wide fenders, don’t they? Even with 8 inch rims, the lips are still well tucked inside..

  4. Zam: I’m not sure, it looks kinda tiny on my Charmant, if only it’s 14 or 15 though…

    Edgar: Yea the offset wasn’t stated on the wheel, and we didn’t take any measurements, oh and I agree much on Charmant’s super wide rear fenders! LOL!

  5. 13 too small for ur car’s wheel arch,go for 15,coz need to fill up the space make the fitment ngam ngam…hehe

  6. Nah, get 14×7 wheels. That’s what you really need. Something to make your car look like the real deal 😉

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