Visit to a bodyshop

I get to visit a freelance’s house last Sunday, I was there to meet Johnny as he was having portions of his AE86’s body parts disassembled and replicated using fiber.

While we were there, Johnny showed me this rim and said that how it would look better on my Charmant, it may not be wide with only 13x6jj, but it is +0 offset:

13x6jj rim

13x6jj rim

The rim does not interest me but then the owner decided that if I were interested, he would sell me at RM500 inclusive of the tires….. yea maybe another lifetime, thanks!

I’ve also spotted this nicely restored clean looking Mini at the entrance, still using stock motor though:

Clean Mini

Clean Mini

Such a cool little ride!

3 Responses to “Visit to a bodyshop”

  1. would love to won the mini tho.. one of my favourites when it comes to go karting the streets..

  2. own*

  3. […] days ago I went and visit Ah Lung’s house again which I’ve featured in a post last year, and then I saw the Enkei 8jj wide 13″ are still there, I asked if he intends to sell them […]

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