Boring July…

Not much interesting stuff to share lately, except for this hardcore old schooler that I spot the other day:

Hard core old school driver

Hard core old school driver

Looking at those rust, and all those items stuffed on top of the vehicle, I’m not sure how long the car could hold, but one thing for sure, the driver must be one of those pasar malam taukehs, hehe….

Apart from spending a lot of time at home taking care of my baby boy (yes, my wife likes to go out a LOT!), I’ve been playing this PC horror game named ‘Dead Space’.

Dead Space

Dead Space

The game was pretty f*cking awesome, but it was scary as hell, I got freaked out so many times playing this awesome game, now I’m at chapter 6 and trying my very best to finish it as soon as possible, since I still have some games left to be played, such as Fallout 3.

Guess that’s what happens when you spent too much time at home, all you can do is play computer games, heh.

2 Responses to “Boring July…”

  1. just keep running when u hear or spot something moving.. and kill those alienated beings..

  2. Old schooler? For a while, I thought you were going to blog about me! Phew!!! Hahahahaha!!! Poor you, have to stay home to babysit while ur mrs goes out and have fun! Ah well! She had to suffer for nine long months, don’t forget that! After you have had your fun, that is! LOL!!! Well, parenthood is like that…lots of sacrifices!

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