Maintenance maintenance…

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on this blog, mainly due to the fact that I’m kinda tied up by my very own son, as well as a recent project from my company.

Anyways, while I was having a blast drifting for the past several months, it is to be expected that my Charmant will have some wear and tears after my recent abuse, here’s a short list of my current problems:

  1. Engine having hiccups during startup and misfires, takes several attempts before it could start and run smoothly.
  2. Both lower arms are badly worn and needs to be replaced.
  3. Water temp rises quick after a short drifting session.
Worn lower arm

Worn lower arm

The lower arms were replaced last Sunday, my steering issue was instantly fixed.  I’ve also had my radiator washed but haven’t got the time to test the water temp issue as I’m running out of tires at the moment.

While I was having my new lower arms installed, Johnny dropped by and checked on my car, and he noticed that my front suspension was actually high low adjustable…..WHAT!?  Having driven my car for more than 2 years after the 4AGE conversion, I NEVER knew my front suspension was high low adjustable, I’m like a baby with a big boy’s toy, what an ignorant idiot I am, I guess I’m the ultimate noob.

The only problem that we could not solve is the engine misfiring problem, hopefully we’ll find a way to rectify it… soon.


6 Responses to “Maintenance maintenance…”

  1. yohann quaziz Says:

    edgar sent me you blog.
    amazing you insipred me alot. i also have a white charmant and i loved the black hood look, keep up the good work!

  2. Of course the front suspension is hi lo adjustable. It’s from a track car in japan!!!

  3. get coilovers and do a tripod!

  4. Yohann: I saw your drifting on youtube, very cool! Reminded me of my old Charmant! haha!

    tofu: Yea, I felt like an idiot. ^^

    Eddie: Gonna fool around with my pillow ball mount to see if I can get any of those Demon cambers! >:P

  5. haha negative all the way, buddy.. but that’s gonna cost u heaps on tyres & more stress on your lower arms if you’re going sideways a lot

  6. after this i will love KE and Daihatsu Charmant..
    DRFT bible

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