Yellow Mushroom

I’ve been getting quite a few freebies lately, first is an ‘imitated version’ of the HKS air filter that I got from my wife’s younger bro, and then there’s this real cool steel pipe from Johnny (the turbo+NOS AE86 driver), plus some high performance plug cables, which are way thicker than my current ones.

I was out of rubbers to fit the pipe and my new ‘HKS’ filter (LOL!), so I visited Johnny’s house last Sunday morning to borrow some tools and of course, rubbers, after a few helping hands from Johnny, we got the new toys fitted nicely:

Charmant's 4AGE view

Charmant's 4AGE view

The 'Yellow Mushroom' + Steel Pipe

The 'Yellow Mushroom' + Steel Pipe

I love how my engine bay looks now, thanks to that awesome looking steel pipe which makes a BIG difference in appearance, now whenever I pop up my bonnet, I’d have a grin in my face, tsk tsk tsk~

Oh and about the high performance plug cables, I haven’t got them fitted yet, the sockets are different and wouldn’t fit since those were previously used on a 4AGZE, I’d need to replace those sockets in order to get it fitted onto my 4AGE distributor though.

2 Responses to “Yellow Mushroom”

  1. Nice ‘shroom! Now you just need to add turbo!

  2. now all you need is a freebie turbo+intercooler!

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