Burnt rubbers…

What do you expect from a drifter wannabe when he has nothing else better to do during the 2 days Gawai Holiday?

3 burnt rubbers

3 burnt rubbers

This was what I did yesterday, a total of 3 tires wasted in less than an hour, and surprisingly, most of the time spent was on tire changing (I’m slow, mkay?)

I was having fun alone in my usual playground, it was a REAL hot afternoon, the tires gave way real fast, and my 4AGE water temp rises as fast as a rocket!

Here’s a look on my Charmant chilling out under the blazing sun:

Charmant cooling down

Charmant cooling down

Remember last Christmas when my wife bought me a pair of racing gloves?  it was put to good use, Zamil once requested me to write some feedbacks on how well the gloves do its job when driving an actual car since he had the same pieces as mine.

My cheapo gloves

My cheapo gloves

Well, I’ll make it short, it’s good.



LOL!  Ok, yes it is good, it grips well, though it ain’t a perfect fit to my hands, but it works great on my cheapo steering and the shift knob!  And it works great by protecting my hands while changing tires.  Here’s a look on my gloves on the steering itself:

My cheapo gloves

My cheapo gloves

The only downside is that I can’t operate my damn hp while I had my gloves on, damn! LOL!

And to sum this post up, I present to you my favorite DCM face towel which is used to wipe the dirt and sweat off my pretty face:

DCM face towel

DCM face towel

I just loved the smell and feel of it when it’s rub against my face….. mmmmmm~~

2 Responses to “Burnt rubbers…”

  1. Hmm guess the gloves really work as what they are suppose to did: grip! But for your information I somehow lost my red racing gloves in my own house, now I am trying to hunt them down LOL.

    Yes you can’t operate your freaking HP or a keyboard, because its big and you will press the other button as well while typing LOL.

    Whats your height again Stan?

  2. Zam: 173cm only.

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