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Yellow Mushroom

Posted in Car stuff on June 24, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I’ve been getting quite a few freebies lately, first is an ‘imitated version’ of the HKS air filter that I got from my wife’s younger bro, and then there’s this real cool steel pipe from Johnny (the turbo+NOS AE86 driver), plus some high performance plug cables, which are way thicker than my current ones.

I was out of rubbers to fit the pipe and my new ‘HKS’ filter (LOL!), so I visited Johnny’s house last Sunday morning to borrow some tools and of course, rubbers, after a few helping hands from Johnny, we got the new toys fitted nicely:

Charmant's 4AGE view

Charmant's 4AGE view

The 'Yellow Mushroom' + Steel Pipe

The 'Yellow Mushroom' + Steel Pipe

I love how my engine bay looks now, thanks to that awesome looking steel pipe which makes a BIG difference in appearance, now whenever I pop up my bonnet, I’d have a grin in my face, tsk tsk tsk~

Oh and about the high performance plug cables, I haven’t got them fitted yet, the sockets are different and wouldn’t fit since those were previously used on a 4AGZE, I’d need to replace those sockets in order to get it fitted onto my 4AGE distributor though.

Tokyo Drift is not Fake

Posted in Car stuff on June 23, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Surprisingly, Remmo from Team Falken did the car park loop drift stunt in his V8 Beemer, just like in the movies:

Not sure how these guys get to do it in a public car park though, probably paid to have the place closed for a short period of time, would be great if they have footage of different angles of the action.  Anyways, still blardy impressive if you ask me!

Oh and on a sidenote, Speedhunters finally released a new video!  Yes!  So awesome!

Too bad it’s just way too short!  Damn! XD

My 1st Wedding Anniversary

Posted in Personal on June 19, 2009 by Stanley Carter

It was on 13th June, and I got these for my wife:



I surprised her in the car when I fetched her at her office, she really liked the roses which is always a good sign, hehe.  We then proceeded to Cafe-Cafe for our lunch since we had another dinner in the evening (Grandma’s birthday).



We had Fish and Chips, Spaghetti Bolognaise, a Banana Split plus a random drink, overall it was good except for the drink, which was real bad.

My wife told me she didn’t prepared any gifts for me, but we both agreed that no gifts were needed since Darren is the BEST gift we could ever have.  ^^