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Posted in Car stuff on May 22, 2009 by Stanley Carter

The only thing at the moment that would complete my Charmant looks would be a decent offset wheels!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m an easily satisfied person, I know my car doesn’t run with the best engine or the best parts, and even though I’ve just treated the rust and it’s now covered with a new paint, there’s still loads to work on the body, IF I wanted to.

But all of this can wait, as I’m pretty happy with how it is now, EXCEPT for my wheels… well, just look at them…

My Drift Charmant

My Drift Charmant

I’m currently rolling 14″ with 185/60/R14 at the front, and 13″ with 175/70/R13 at the rear.  Check out how pathetic my wheel fitment is especially the rear!  It used to be on steel rims before I bought this unknown branded meshed rims with pathetic offset for RM250 last year.  Please take note that my rear wheels are currently running with a pair of 1.5″ spacers as well!  And the wheels still look so tucked in the fender, how awful.

I have a lot of wheels on my mind that I think would fit my Charmant so nicely and how it would totally change the look of my Charmant, wheels such as:

The ever so sexy Long Champs

Yummilicious Work Equips

The godfather of old school wheels, Watanabe

Any of these wheels rolling on my Charmant would be a wet dream come true, if only I have RM1k++ to spare, I’d definitely source any one of those immediately.  But reality is harsh, I don’t have a big income job and I need to spend my money wisely since I have a wife and baby to take care of, ah… the responsibilities of a real MAN, LOL!

But hey, even though my car is rolling with pathetic offset wheels, I’m still a happy man, cause my Charmant is still driving strong and that’s what most important, car and drifting is just a hobby and things like this can wait, in the meantime, I’ll just keep my focus on my family.