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Blar blar blar….

Posted in Car stuff on May 17, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Some interesting stuffs I’ve experienced over the past weekend…

I’ve done my first ever 3rd gear drift at a bigass roundabout opposite the Igan bridge, I did it while the road was wet and it was at night, freakin intense, one wrong move and I’m in the ditch for sure!

The 2nd day morning, my car was misfiring and the rev drops instantaneously, causing me to stall on the middle of the road, manage to start it back up and kept the rev alive and arrived home safely, although I’ve caused quite an annoyance to the residents nearby thanks to my BeeR soundalike misfiring bangs! LOL!

I started the car in the afternoon and the spark plugs seem to be working fine, but just to be safe, I drove the car to A1 auto service and have my cheapo spark plugs replaced with another set of cheapo (but new) spark plugs, which costs only RM35, well…they’re from Proton.

Then, I visited Parkson Car Service (the place where I had my engine swapped) to check out the 2nd hand rear brake pumps the foreman got for me, the pumps were taken out from Corolla AE90, a slight checkup on my rear brake setup shows that some modifications are required before it can be fitted on to my Charmant, and according to the foreman, the labor itself would probably cost more than RM100+, oh did I mentioned both of the two AE90 brake pumps cost RM100 each?  Well, add those all up and I guess I have to spend RM300+ to have my Ebrake properly restored, and it ain’t even drum setup, which means even though the Ebrake could be fixed, it still wouldn’t be as tight as I would prefer it to be, sigh~  Anyways, I won’t be doing this repair so soon, since my pocket getting pretty tight nowadays thanks to Darren, hehe~

This afternoon after I fetched my wife to the Saloon, I went over the Igan bridge and did my 2nd 180km/h run, followed by some little drift runs at my usual playground, now my left rear tire is almost gone, I might have to source for more tires soon, and this requires money again…damn!

Guess what?  I hadn’t changed my Engine and Gearbox oil for over a year now, seriously, I need to get it changed next month!  Yeah, it looks like I can’t stop spending money on my old Charmant!