Bling Bling… Fail!

I’ve been driving rather fast lately, and during my 180km/h run last Sunday, this popped loose:

Loosen Chrome

Loosen Chrome

This right portion of the chrome linings which are attached to my windscreen just popped loose while I was running at speeds above 150km/h, I guess the glue doesn’t do its job pretty well.  But I guess nothing can’t be done with a new slice of silicon glue, will just have to get it glued back on properly this Saturday.

Somehow it reminds me of some supercars, when they go fast, their rear wings moved up to create downforce…… oh wait… that’s very different… LOL!!

3 Responses to “Bling Bling… Fail!”

  1. use some 3M tape! don’t know if it works..

  2. Gam Gajah needed.

  3. Charmants don’t use rubber weatherstrips, eh Stanley? Its just windshield glued to the frame using silicone glue? Certainly thumb tacks would do the job. LOL

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