My 1st 180km/h!

I’ve sat in cars that ran 180km/h or more, but I had never driven at that kinda speed myself, until last Sunday.

Inspired by Tougeking‘s daily routine of spirited driving up his local Touge, I drove my Charmant to the other side of Sibu’s Igan bridge at 8am.

The roads after the bridge is surprisingly good as compared to the roads in town, it’s not long before I found the long stretch where I’ve heard rumors that there are some enthusiasts who test or dragged their souped up rides here as well.  I drove leisurely through the stretch to make sure the road conditions are fine and to spot any slight bumps along the way, once I felt comfortable I’ve made a U-turn, and just stopped there in free gear, getting myself ready for my rare spirited dash with my Charmant.

Clutch in, 1st gear, 4k rpm, and off I go!  Slight wheelspin on the start but then the grip catches on fairly quick, I kept my right foot planted on the gas while I changed gears at 6.5k or 7k revs.  Seconds past and I’ve reached 5th gear, I glanced at my speedo and I’m already at 160km/h, goodie, I’ve done this speed before but never gone any faster, seeing there’s still plenty of stretch left on the road, I kept my foot planted and let my 4AGE roar, something it rarely does.  At that very moment, the car feels unstable, I can feel the front of the car is swirving slightly to the left and to the right, I assume its either my crappy front tires or my alignment settings, which has yet to be fixed for over a year now, LOL!  I know, I must’ve been outta my mind attempting this speed with a f*cked up alignment.  But hey, regardless of the instability of my Charmant at those speeds, I’ve achieved my very first 180km/h drive, and I’m glad that I’ve done it in my Charmant, though I knew 4AGE is good, but I was still overwhelmed by the power it delivers, I guess it all comes down to the fact that I’m quite easily satisfied.

Anyways, that 180km/h run was awesome, though a bit scary, but I’d make sure I have the front wheels properly aligned before my next run, it does feels really good being able to rev a 4AGE to its full potential especially during a Sunday morning, no wonder Tougeking is obsessed with his daily morning touge runs, haha!


3 Responses to “My 1st 180km/h!”

  1. Crazy Stanley.. 180 kph in a 25 years old car. Hahaha though i admit that i’ll be attempting it also when i finish my car. I’ve driven 200+ kph in a friend’s Mazda MX6 and 190 in Civic Ferio. The Ferio topped at 190 while i am sure the Mazda can go higher. I was just too scared to continue. If only those cars come in RWD, i won’t be building my Charmant now..

    Do you think your 4A-GE can go to 200?

  2. Edgar: I’m not sure, but I think there’s a slightly tiny possibility on a real healthy 4AGE, but definitely not from mine, I might lose my car and crash into the bushes if I attempt that kinda speed, LOL!

  3. 180km/h!!! Did you try to go beyond that? Should try. if can that means ‘No speed cut’. Should be expected cause your h/cut came from track car in Japan 😉

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