I had my LSD oil changed on last Saturday afternoon.

LSD Oil Change

LSD Oil Change

My last LSD oil change was a year ago, and the oil that’s been let out looks like this:

Old LSD Oil

Old LSD Oil

Looks silver’ish, tofu, does that mean it ain’t good? XD

Here’s the LSD oil my mech got for me, a 4L Toyota LSD Oil with 85W90 viscosity:

Toyota LSD Oil

Toyota LSD Oil

And it costs me RM85 plus RM5 for the oil change labor.

The guys at the workshop used this to pump the new oil into my differential:

Oil pump

Oil pump

After I had my LSD Oil changed, I still have half of the bottle left, I placed it in the car and told the mech to continue the checkup on my Ebrakes, which is totally NOT working at all:

Ebrake checkup

Ebrake checkup

After a brief checkup on the Ebrake cables and the pump, it was found out that my brake pump was the main culprit, and unfortunately, my mech doesn’t has any spares around, and he also stated that this stuff don’t come by easy as it’s pretty rare, I guess all stuff related to the AE86 is pretty rare?

However, I’ve read somewhere that people actually modded their brakes so they have a separate drum as their Ebrakes apart from their current Disc brakes, I asked my mech about it and he told me I’d need to change the whole axle, hmm… bad idea then.

My mech then proposed to use brake pumps from other models such as the AE90 or AE100, it doesn’t fit, but nothing can’t be done without a little modifications, that’s what he said, and that’s what I’d opt for as well.  Now, I’ll just have to wait for till he found some spares for those, and I’ll get my Ebrake fixed, once and for all!

5 Responses to “Lubricated”

  1. Hahaha, nice, checking under the car without jack stands in place. I guess we all have ghetto style mechanics in any country huh? But usually they get the job done nice and cheap right?

    I read your reply on the AE86 rear axle price. RM1500 is cheap man! I mean, doing rear drum to disc brake conversion alone in Indonesia would cost you around RM1000-1250.

    Now, if getting spareparts is also difficult here, AE86 rear axle doesn’t look so interesting now. Let’s see what other options do i have..

  2. Edgar: If you’re into drifting, then you need to get a LSD, or you could just weld it, but it wont be pleasant driving a welded axle around town, and it won’t last very long either.

    If you’re not into drifting, well, just keep it stock standard then. Save your money for other stuff.

  3. hey stanley, better check your drain plug..
    when the oil looks a bit silver-ish, that’s just the wear of metal, which could eventually cause metal fillings in your LSD.. have a frequent change, if you drift every day I would say around once every 3-6 months!

  4. Eddie: Thanks for the explanation, now I know why they say silverish = no good, I’ll make sure I have my LSD oil change more frequently next time. ^^

  5. Hmm RM85 for 4 litre toyota LSD oil… may try that next time, Mine cost RM55 for 4 litres. 75w90 Greenfield (dunno what damage it’ll do!). Hey which pump broke? The calipre/piston of the rear brakes. Damn i replaced them also the first time I got them cause I had that problem. Cost me RM 400 just for a pair of the piston/caliper. Read from elsewhere, rear disc and change to S13, fc3s, or VW gti rear calipers. (if you can also find that) very hard to find caliper cause the chop chop fellas usually want to sell them as a whole with the rear axle! Hang on. I thik at, there’s someone selling a set of rear brakes disc and calipers for rm4XX. If you buy the set, you can sell me the disc!!! Haha

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