“Stan, you wanna drift a RX-8?”

That’s what my friend asked yesterday morning while I was bringing my son, Darren to PathLab for blood test.

Needless to say, I replied “Of course!”

Later in the day, we met up at my usual practise ground at 4pm, some of my friends arrived on time but the RX-8 was no where to be seen.  So I’ve decided to give my friends some warm up drift runs while we’re waiting.

My Drift Charmant

My Drift Charmant

30 minutes past and the red RX-8 finally appeared, I didn’t knew the driver but after a little chat between him and my friends, he passed me the keys, I was kinda nervous but was hella excited as well.  I remembered many years back I sat in a RX-8 before, but the car was parked in a car show, but having to actually drive one that has the Renesis engine under my disposal, hey, it’s a very, very COOL moment for me!

The Mazda RX-8

The Mazda RX-8

First thing I did after I started the engine, was shutting the DSC off, which I’ve learnt from Best Motoring videos and also google, haha!  Followed by the air cond, the stereo and all that nonsense.  Oh and did I mentioned that the car is an Automatic?  Well UNFORTUNATELY, it is an automatic, without the clutch, I know the car won’t be easy to drift, but nevertheless, I gave it a try…

1st gear, made a 1/2 cycle steer to the right, and started flooring the gas, the throttle response felt slow and laggy, but the torque soon catches up and I can feel the rear wheels started to lose traction, the slide has begun!  I let off my grip on the steering to try and have a feel on the steering feedback, and guess what, the steering DOESN’T COUNTER at all!  The steering just stays there once I let my hands off it!  First thought that came to my mind was that if there was any steering assist thingy enabled in this car, I tried looking around at the ridiculous amount of buttons and dials on the console, the steering and etc but found nothing, my friend was shouting “Continue la! Continue la!” outside.  I then decided “to hell with the steering, I can still steer this thing MANUALLY!”

Again, I put into 1st gear and started flooring the thing, rear wheel lost traction and I tried countersteering, and whoa!  The steering feels extremely sluggish!  And to my surprise, it doesn’t feel like it has any Power Steering as well, that’s when I thought to myself, there could be something wrong with the steering? Or its really just the steer assist thingy? But that wasn’t my main concern at the time, I continued my attempts on drifting the RX-8 and I actually made a few successful donuts in it, since the car was automatic, I had no control over the rev band of the Renesis, even when you’re donuting in 1st gear, the rev would slowly drop and the RX-8 would start to lose power real quick, needless to say, the drift died and there’s no clutch for me to kick, damn! LOL!

After 5 minutes of struggle trying to drift the RX-8, I’ve decided to give it a rest, I was disappointed and discouraged, having to think that this is the Mazda RX-8, I thought this car could be drifted with much ease, but I was wrong, very wrong indeed.  I got out of the car and we started to talk on the car and its steering, the owner doesn’t seem to know whats the problem either and after a few chat it seems that the car was recently bought?  Well, the car doesn’t looked like its brand new for sure so I assume it’s a 2nd hand car.  Since the owner was still new to his newly brought ride and I am a RX-8 noob myself, so we didn’t get to figure out what was the problem, any of you guys had any idea though? ^^

Still having the adrenaline rushing in me, I’ve decided to give the owner a ride in my own drifter, the Charmant.  Having just struggled with the RX-8, my Charmant felt wonderful to drive!  Needless to say, I let my 4AGE roar and smoke up the playground with some wide donuts and figure 8s, just to show the kid what a real drift is like, and he seemed to enjoyed it.

Although I didn’t manage to successfully drift the RX-8, but it was definitely an experience of a lifetime, it’s my first time ever to actually drive a rotary (one of my earlier dreams) and I loved the sound of the Renesis engine!  What is interesting is the fact that the owner just bought the car and he actually wanted me to DRIFT his car, damn!  Now how I wished more sports car owners in Sibu would do the same.. LOL!!

11 Responses to ““Stan, you wanna drift a RX-8?””

  1. LUCKY YOU!!! I am at the mind frame that if I were to have cash and upgrade my car, it’ll be either RX8 or S13. So hearing that the steering is sluggish, makes me wonder does the RX8 steering really feel slow since I’ve read reviews that says it handles… Can adjust that with a little more caster though.

    Any how, if you managed to donut it, it should have some limited slip in the diff, cause for what i read, auto don’t come with LSD. And the RX8 LSD in the sport trim manual model, it’s the torque sensing type. So, i think that’ll need higher spped to lock the diffs together. Anyway, i think you struggled just because its a freakin auto… :p

    For an S13, i heard it’ll handle like our KE70/charmant. 😀

  2. tofu: my donuts don’t last more than 2 circles, so I guess there’s no LSD hence the rev drop, I mean, if there’s LSD I’m sure the power would kept on coming if I just plant my foot down on the gas pedal. Like how it does on our tiny pony 4AGE, not to mention the Renesis actually has like 200++ hp.

    I think you’re better off with a S15!

  3. Man i would surely hesitate if someone offered me the same thing. The thought of possibly wrecking an expensive car is just overwhelming! So which one would you drift on?

    Noticed this:
    Like how it does on our tiny pony 4AGE

    So you have an LSD in your Charmant? How did you manage to get it? Complete swap from an AE86 LSD? I am seriously considering on getting an AE86 diff. Got one guy selling a complete rear diff with disk brakes for US$850..

  4. Edgar: Yea, I have the AE86 axle that comes with the stock LSD, its essential for drifting, no LSD = no Drifting, hence you can see my Charmant drift like that in my youtube videos, without it, don’t even think about it.

    If you can get an AE86 LSD, go for it, its pretty much an easy fit to the Charmant. A rwd without a LSD really sucks man~

  5. Okaaaayyy.. so now the question is US$850 for a complete rear AE86 diff a good price? I know the guy imported it from your country. What do you think? How easy is it fitting the diff in a Charmant? Would it be a simple bolt on work?

  6. Edgar : THAT IS FREAKIN’ EXPENSIVE!!! A full axle with rear disc (with oem lsd 1 way) is like RM1500 here, and that compared with when I first got mine 3 years ago (RM1000) is expensive already.

    Stan : I kinda like the way s13 look. Not too feminine looking.

  7. I believe it’s the lack of power as well, the AT has 170kw of power. Still, it’s a beautiful car..

  8. LOL ^ what happened to my comment. What I meant is it’s lacking in power because the AT has got a torque converter which contributes only less than 140kw of power which also gives me mixed feelings of the car’s responses when I tried it, and the MT has 170kw and blablablabla XD

  9. Eddie: I guess so, and I thought cars like the RX-8 that comes in AT would drive as sporty as well, I was wrong then. ^^

  10. this is the mazda rx-8 right? LOL (excuse my stupidity) my girlfriend own one but she doesn’t drift or speed thou

  11. Simmy: Yea it’s the Mazda RX-8, your GF not from Sibu eh?

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