Steering Work Technique: Pull Push Shuffle

Spotted this video thanks to noriyaro:

I’ve been hearing quite a bit on this specific style of steering work that has been utilized by many drifters, called “pull push shuffle”.  I won’t bother posting up the theories or anything like that here, all you need to know about the technique is available in the video above.

Anyhow, I’ve been trying to grasp and understand this technique for quite some time, aside from the various cockpit videos showcasing drifters utilizing this type of technique, I still wasn’t able to fully understand until I stumbled upon the above video, which is very easy to understand!  I’m just glad that I’m currently on the right track and I’ll be sure to fine tune my steering work skills and technique to achieve better control over my Charmant.

There are some real nice examples of this steering work technique that can be seen from some of the best known drifters, such as NOB Taneguchi:

as well as Kazama:

Can you spot the similarities in them? ^^

4 Responses to “Steering Work Technique: Pull Push Shuffle”

  1. nice findings…. i learn another new thing today…thx

  2. You are lucky dude to drift a real car and in LFS as well. I’ve been practising this technique with my G25 (which yeah, lack of steering turns and rotation instead of real car) and so far I’ve gotten hang of it quite well. It’s quite hard at first, but with lotsa of practise you can drift well..

  3. I don’t even know what my hands are doing when I drift… :p

  4. tofu: On board camera! That’d solve your problem, hehe~

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