Sarikei’s Go Kart Track?

I’ve been hearing rumors of this Go Kart track in Sarikei since several months back, and it just so happens that my wife’s younger brother who owns the AE71 that I featured before is currently working there, so I’ve asked him a favor to take some pictures of the place so I could have a glimpse on how the place is like, instead, he recorded a video of the track, LOL!

As you can see from the youtube video above, the place is pretty big!  The big and wide space at the center of the track is fully utilized by football and basketball courts, I wonder if those were added after the Go Kart business stopped, which is really weird to say the least, any Sarikei locals care to clarify this?

The place may seem large, but the track width is surprisingly small and tight, I’m sure a car can be driven on it, but drifting? Well that’s a different story…gulp…

Anyways, the video also shows the 2 long straights, 1 ‘high’ speed corner followed by a chicane, then at the end of the video you’ll also see quite a few corners, drifter’s heaven haha!  The bad news is that the current track would be occupied by joggers every evening…. yeah… WTF….

I’d really like to know how and why was the Go Kart business stopped.  It could’ve been such a great venue for those who enjoyed Motorsports though.

I might be driving down to Sarikei soon, and hopefully I’ll have a better and closer look on this ‘deserted’ track in Sarikei. ^^

5 Responses to “Sarikei’s Go Kart Track?”

  1. Standing by roadside, signalling with thumb, trying to hitch a ride to Sarikei….. LOL!!

  2. satu lagi project gagal…

    buzz me when you are around…


  3. Last few corners definately can drift. The road needs to be a little wider, then really can whack that corner in 3rd gear… 100km/h!!!

  4. STP: Trust me, you DON’T want to sit in my Charmant, you really don’t…LOL!!

    fred: You’re in Sarikei? Mind to tell me more about this failed project? Very curious!

    tofu: Yeah, that’s what I thought exactly, hehe~

  5. […] potential Drift Track? Remember back then I posted a youtube video of the Sarikei’s deserted go kart track, which has long being converted into a jogging park + football field?  Well, last Sunday, I had a […]

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