Refreshed Charmant

I drove my Charmant home last Friday evening soon after my cousin finished the bonnet repair and repaint which took him 2 weeks, pretty darn long considering its only the bonnet that needs fixing, well, the roof had been resprayed as we discovered some cracks, and we also attempted to fix the water leaking problem but we didn’t succeed.  All in all, I’m just happy that my car is finally back home.  Oh and I did drove it out to my usual playground last Saturday for a few test drifts, the car is still running fit, I’m happy and relieved at the same time.  ^^

While my car was away, I got myself a goodie from an old friend from DCM, guess what it is?



This old friend of mine delivered the thing the day before and I received it immediately on the following day, pretty fast considering my friend’s at KL, anyways, this is what I got:

DCM Windscreen Visor

DCM Windscreen Visor

Pretty cool huh?  I’m still thinking if I should really put this on my Charmant, I mean, sometimes the cleaner an old school ride is, the better it looks, with this sticker on my windscreen visor, I’m not sure if my car would look stupid at all? LOL!!  But this sticker is definitely a keeper, you DO know this will give me the extra 50hp boost yeah? LOL!

Since my car is now at home and yesterday morning’s weather was bright and sunny, I’ve decided to bring my Charmant for a thorough car wash at ‘King’s Car Wash & Care’, situated nearby the new Sibu Bus Terminal, I’ve made sure the workers cleaned up up my Charmant properly:

Clean Charmant

Clean Charmant

Clean Charmant

Clean Charmant

Now the car is cleaned, driving the Charmant just feels sooo refreshing!  Lovin’ it!  Funny thing is, it rained later that afternoon, and since it was Sunday, I can’t help but to feel the urge to go out for more drift practises!  But the fact that I just had a car wash just stopped me from doing so, damn! LOL!

But no worries, I have plenty of chances to enjoy the sideways excitement with my trusty Charmant, next to do list would be fixing the Ebrake, and also cleaning up the engine (finally, I know!).

9 Responses to “Refreshed Charmant”

  1. Nice.. First sight I will said it is a 910sss. Second, oh, its a Charmant. Rare sight here..

    Again, let me give my suggestion for your beautiful Charmant;

    New RIMS!!! Muahahhaha..
    Watanabe would be great on your car. Right right?

    Im considering a 15′ 7jj for my Bee. But offset ponda +30. OZ. Oldschool rims are too expensive lah nowadays!

    Your plan on the rim?

  2. Amar: Yeah, if I have the $$, I’ll definitely get better wheels, I just couldn’t fork out 1k++ just for my Charmant, and plus better wheels means bigger or wider tires, and thats not so good for me either as I prefer to drive my car a LOT (mostly drift), the cheap 175/70/13 keeps me busy during weekends.
    So new rims will have to wait for a while, the extra $$ will have to go to my son and my family, which is the priority. ^^

  3. Cmon man.. 13′ rims rarely exceed the Rm1k limit. 13′ x 7 usually around Rm600-800. My friend just bought Enkei Apache + 1 free rims for RM350 only. Damn cheap..

    Interested in my rims? Muahahhahaha

    Family first! That’s great for you to said that. You’ll become a great father soon. I knew it..

    my SON!!?? Ehem… When is the due date?!

  4. OMG. Your car is immaculate man!!! I love it!!! Seriously, a clean car does make it very desirable man!!

  5. Amar: If you have good offers then hit me up! I always look at DCM sales thread only, and AFAIK all are pretty expensives. ^^

    tofu: Yea, all it needs are better wheels and stance.

  6. 2 weeks for hood respray? Damn. Are those Recaro LX seats? How are they during sideways? I am considering one but afraid it’s not “bucket”-y enough to keep me seated when drifting.

  7. Edgar: So far my fastest drifts were 2nd gear only, those seats are definitely not ‘bucket’ enough but for 2nd gear drifts, it does it job pretty well, I’m sure it won’t hold me in place when I’m going 3rd gear or faster transitions.

  8. Wow, finally know someone who drift in Sibu. Nice car you got there.

  9. CK: Are you happen to be interested in Drifting too? Lets get together! I need to recruit more! haha! ^^

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