A very, very, very reverent Drifter… what?

Have you ever heard, or seen a Buddhist Monk that’s into motorsports?  Not that I have ever heard of myself personally, but I just managed to find someone who does in Japan thanks to another great D1GP coverage by Speedhunters, this one guy right here is not only a reverent Buddhist, but he also drifts professionaly in D1GP, holy shiat!

Buddhist Drifter

Buddhist D1 Drifter, Kodama-san

Meet Kodama-san, the Buddhist D1GP driver who competes in the league with the Garage M 180sx, the one behind him.  Here’s a quote from Speedhunters:

“He managed to make it through to the Sunday qualify but not the Best 16.  The reason I’m showing you his picture is that his day job is rather interesting. He is in fact a Buddhist Monk and looks after his own little temple! When not meditating and doing rituals he can be found at local drift tracks around Sendai practicing his drifting techniques. How cool and equally bizarre is that!!”

It is very COOL indeed!  I wonder if I could get any of our local Fathers to get into drifting as well…… probably NOT! LOL!

Anyways, if you want to read more about D1GP 2009 round 1 at Ebisu, check it out at Speedhunters!

4 Responses to “A very, very, very reverent Drifter… what?”

  1. Kodama the Monk has great taste of whats he doing to his 180SX lol. They look cool.

    I would actually, love to see him drifting wearing the orange monk outfit hahaha.

  2. Nothing to do with your post… Just wanna ask – ur mrs given birth already? If yes, congratulations. Hope both mother and son are well!!!

  3. Zam: I wonder if there’s a video of him drifting, definitely one of the coolest monks on earth.

    STP: Not yet, the Doctor actually predicted that it will give birth last week, but I guess he was wrong. Anyhow, my wife’s been showing various signs, and we know its coming soon, we’re on standby all the time now. ^^

  4. Take care…and all the best!

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