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Unwanted publicity!

Posted in Sibu Drifting on March 13, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I think many of you that have read the 12/3/2009 issue of Sin Chew Daily would’ve already read the report regarding some drifting action in Sibu which involves the local policemen as well.

Here’s one that I found from Guangming online, which is basically the exact same report as the one shown in Sin Chew though.

I must admit I was extremely SHOCKED when I first heard the news from a close friend of mine at an early morning yesterday, just when I was on an express and was about to depart to Daro for my outstation duty.  Anyways, this was the first sms that I received that morning:

“Bro, you’re famous now, your drifting video with the police is now on Sin Chew!”

I immediately phoned my friend to clarify the news, which to my disbelief, he wasn’t joking at all.  Right after the phone call, my hp started receiving a whole lot of sms as well as phone calls from many of my colleagues, close friends, and relatives, those that have known me for my fanatic interests in drifting of course ^_^

Throughout the entire day of work at Daro, my mind was literally occupied by the mixed feelings regarding the news, not to mention that my hp was hella busy from morning to evening!  I just wasn’t sure if this sudden publicity is REALLY bad, or quite bad, or maybe, not THAT bad la… but of course I know it definitely can’t be GOOD that’s for sure!  Since the way that the reporter wrote on the news made me feel like I’m a fugitive or somesort, I was like “WTF!?” :S

But what’s been done has been done, I should’ve anticipated this outcome since I’ve uploaded the video a long time ago, what I don’t really understand is WHY the heck does the reporter even bother to make a fuss about a video that’s like almost a year ago?  Has the local reporters got nothing better to write on?  Buggers….

Enough crap, the video has now been taken off.


Nice try *sshole!

Posted in Random on March 11, 2009 by Stanley Carter

For the past several months while I’ve been cleaning up my junk mails, I’ve come accross a couple of mails just like this one:


Dear maybank2u customer,

This is your official notification that your account has been Limited. We recently reviewed your credit card and it seems that you are using the same credit card for 2 accounts. As you can read in our User Agreement ( section 5.11 ) opening multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. You are now requested to provide information relevant to your account. Capital One Bank will investigate the matter promptly and if the investigation is in your favor, we will restore your account.. If you fail to complete the verification in the next 24 hours your account will be suspended.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Log in to maybank2u online account (click here).

2. You must request for TAC online via maybank2u – your TAC will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone number you registered at the ATM.
( you can find the “request a TAC” button in the right menu of your account “Utilities” )

3. Logout from your account and close the browser.

4. When you have received the TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) on your mobile phone, Log in to our secured verification server and submit the requested information(Account user ID, password and TAC).CLICK HERE to go on our secured server.

5. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

Please comply and thanks for understanding.
© 2009


The above mail was sent from this address:

This guys just don’t give up don’t they? only fools would fall for this, but hey, I’m sure there are someone out there who had already submitted their TAC through the link that they provided, well, I feel sorry for those fellas.  But I could be wrong, as the URL has been reported as web forgery and is now properly blocked:

Web Forgery

Web Forgery

Not bad, and I was just having a thought to send them these following details just for fun….

User ID: ‘nicetryfukers’

Password: ‘3278999’ (in foochow, it rhymes with certain foul words LOL!)

Guess that’s not possible then, hehe!

It’s a great Monday!

Posted in Car stuff on March 9, 2009 by Stanley Carter

It’s great because today’s a public holiday!  And that is why I’m excited, I was even more excited last night when I was about to go to bed, as I was thinking how I wouldn’t need to wake up so early to go to work, ah…. that felt GREAT! Haha~

Anyways, I thought it’d be cool to share a nice sports car that I spotted on the road few days ago:

Subaru Impreza Sti

Subaru Impreza Sti

Pretty cool to see such a car in Sibu huh? it’s a Subaru Impreza Sti, with the signature blue paint as well, yummy!

I’ve seen plenty of Imprezas on the flatscreens, but seeing it in person still amazes me, you gotta admit, the Impreza is still one helluva nice looking sports sedan!  Although there is still one tiny thing that bothers me… which is the exhaust of the car… what’s up with that? hmm~

Anyhow, lets move on to a different car, this morning after I had my breakfast, I went to pick up my wife’s younger bro’s AE70, you may recall the car from this post of mine from last year.  Well, the car has finally got its bodywork done, though it is now free of rust, but it’s looking hella dirty and crappy too, LOL!

AE70 completed body repairs

AE70 completed body repairs

AE70 completed body repairs

AE70 completed body repairs

AE70 completed body repairs

AE70 completed body repairs

Looking at those pictures, you can obviously tell that the car still needs a lot of work done before it can look sexy again.  Good news is that the owner has already scouted a nice chrome side mirrors and a set of nice 13″ mangkuk rims to be fitted on the car once the paintjob is done (not sure when will that be though LOL!).

So yeah… while I was driving this car, I’ve been thinking…. another potential drift car in the making? tsk tsk tsk~~  ^_^

Uber SEXY Silvia!

Posted in Car stuff on March 8, 2009 by Stanley Carter

First of all, I’m a huge fan of Speedhunters, ever since I stumbled upon one of their many slow-mo videos on youtube, I haven’t stopped checking up their website each and everyday till now!

Recently, the Speedhunters visited the Japan’s famous HKS factory and discovered this gem, its the personal street legal Silvia S15 owned by non other than the super driver, Nobuteru Taneguchi, a.k.a NOB (No One Better):

NOBs Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

NOB's Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

NOBs Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

NOB's Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

….Just….look at this BEAUTY!  So f*ckin gorgeous!

I’m actually a big fan of nicely tuned street legal vehicles (not so much on track cars), and this Silvia from NOB right here is the true SH*T alright!  The moment I saw this on Speedhunters, I had my eyes glued onto the monitor for several minutes!  Just imagine how awesomely cool it would be if one is to drive this car around town, and when you felt like it, you can also rip it up at some local tracks for some sideways action (But not in Sibu la… here don’t have any race tracks at all….sigh~)!

To be honest, I’m quite happy with my Charmant (I truely am lar~~ LOL!), I’m also aware on the fact that I may not be able to own a Silvia (especially a S15) ever in my entire life (I know, I’m pretty pessimistic), but IF! Just IF…. I ever do have the opportunity to get myself a S15, this is exactly how I would like my Silvia to look like.  This Silvia right here is the benchmark of omgwtfbbq awesome sexiness, period!

…..Damn, just look at it…. so….SEXY~~~ ^^

Cough cough cough!

Posted in Sibu Drifting on March 1, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Continued from my previous post, here’s another youtube video that I’ve just uploaded which was recorded by Johnny on the same day, the video features me in my 4AGE Charmant attempting a donut plus burnout stunt as well as having the driver’s side door opened up.  The tires gave up pretty quick after a few tries, other than that it was helluva fun smoking up the Charmant, I was very much delighted, and to think this was pretty much impossible 2 years back.  Enough said, enjoy the crappy video:

If you turn up your volume, you would noticed that I stalled the car in the end, that’s because I was actually having my left foot on the brakes, trying to control the speed of the donut, which as you can see, doesn’t really help much though LOL!  When I’ve decided to stop and lifted off the throttle, I forgot to clutch in, and stalled the car, very noobish I know, haha!