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Star Drift Challenge!

Posted in Live For Speed on March 21, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Star Drift Challenge has been one of the biggest and most exciting drift event series in Malaysia since 2008.  This is also the event where you get to see most of Malaysia’s top drifters duke it out with each other, including the Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan and also the underdog, Tan Tat Wei, just to name a few.

Anyhow, the 1st round of Star Drift Challenge 2009 is going to take place real soon towards the end of the month, here’s a poster of the upcoming event:

Star Drift Challenge 2009 Rnd 1

Star Drift Challenge 2009 Rnd 1

However, this is not the main point of this post, what I really wanted to share is this instead:

LFS Star Drift Challenge 2009 - Rnd 1

LFS Star Drift Challenge 2009 - Rnd 1

For those of you that have never heard of LFS, you might think ain’t this the same poster, but with a different background image?  Well… this is actually the LFS (Live For Speed) version of the drift competition, which me and a group of friends from DCM have decided to bring this up so that people like me or those underage ‘drifter wannabes’ can have a taste of what Star Drift Challenge is all about in front of their… well… PCs, LOL!!

If you happen to be someone who hasn’t own a driving license and you’re a big fan of drifting games, please check out Live For Speed, and you might wanna participate in this virtual or should I say digital format of the actual drifting competiton, the Star Drift Challenge 2009, round 1.  For more details on the event, click HERE!

A fellow Charmant driver from Indonesia

Posted in Car stuff on March 20, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Edgar from Indonesia just posted a comment on one of my previous posts, and that was when I followed through his link and stumbled upon his blog, which features his recent purchased Daihatsu Charmant, a very good buy bro!

Edgars Charmant

Edgar's Charmant

Judging from the pictures I’ve seen, his newly purchased Charmant is in great shape, at least the dashboard seems intact, not like mine which is almost falling apart plus multiple cracks everywhere! T_T

Edgar also seems to be sourcing for parts for his Charmant at the moment, too bad he’s not from Malaysia though, it would’ve been much easier to help him out if we’re both in the same country I think.

So Edgar, I’ve added your blog in my list of links and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your blog for further updates, I’m pretty excited!  Best of luck to your Charmant project, oh and whats the plan for build of the car?  Track? Drift? or Drag?

Sweet rides, not mine…

Posted in Car stuff on March 17, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Here’s a sweet ride I saw from my Mom-in-Law’s house:

Satria with Perdana front end

Satria with Perdana front end

An interesting conversion, it’s a Proton Satria with a Perdana front, the conversion includes the bumpers, both fenders and the headlights, the bonnet is from Mivec though, looks pretty nice IMO,  I think this is also pretty rare (or maybe the first?) in Sibu.

And then there’s this super HAWT Lexus:

2006 Lexus GS300

2006 Lexus GS300

This is a 2006 GS300 owned by my wife’s boss, the car was bought just months ago, so it is still brand spanking new.  You can really tell that my wife’s boss has a GREAT taste in cars alright, way da go! hehe~

Now that I’ve covered 2 nice rides, time to check on mine… which… is not that cool, nor nice, nor sweet at all LOL!

Apparently my dry-cell battery decided to spoil last Sunday just when I was about to drive it out for a spin or two, here’s a look at my dry-cell battery, which has been in my Charmant for almost 2 years:

Dry Cell Battery

Dry Cell Battery

I had it replaced on Monday with a much cheaper, wet / flood cell Battery at my friend’s workshop, here’s the new battery installed:

Wet Cell Battery

Wet Cell Battery

This new wet cell Battery actually costs me RM150 (a brand new dry cell battery would cost more than RM200++), I hadn’t bought any car batteries before so I ain’t too sure if that’s a reasonable price, and I always thought wet cell batteries were somewhere between RM60~RM80 only… WHAT IGNORANCE!! LOL!!

Though the new battery is cheaper, but downside is that I might have to build up a habit to check on the battery fluid from time to time, guess that ain’t much of a problem… I hope… *gulp*

On a side note, I’ve been informed that there is actually a well built Go-Kart track at Sarikei!  I asked my wife’s bro to take some pics and videos and they were shown to me yesterday.  The place looks very nice from what I saw, I forgot to ask him to transfer those video and pictures to me else I would’ve uploaded them here.  Anyways, I might be visiting Sarikei soon in a few months time, will have a better look on the track myself *wink wink* tsk tsk tsk….