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My son’s future toy!

Posted in Random on March 28, 2009 by Stanley Carter


Hell yeah!  Powerwheels toy cars!  Would be hella cool for my little boy when he’s 5-6 years old.

I was browsing around youtube and I saw some crazy dads from the states decided to give their kid’s Powerwheels a little more ‘juice’, some even do it the ‘Pimp my Ride’ style:

Damn! This kid is rollin it HARD!  Check out the bling wheels and the ICE, wicked!

I had a little search on google and noticed that those stock powerwheels come with a standard 12 volt motor, some dads decided to upgrade them to 24 volts or more for more power, and the results are grin-worthy:

Check out how this kid is countersteering, that’s talent right there! LOL!

Powerful powerwheels!  Looked so much fun!

I’m not exactly sure if Powerwheels are available here in Malaysia, but I’m sure I can find something similar, probably something from China or some sort, and I bet it won’t be cheap either *gulp*

But hey, I’m seriously considering getting one for my son when the time is right, and it’d be hella cool to do some minor upgrades to the motor, as what you have seen in the above videos.

Stanley Jr’s dorifuto training on the way! haha! ^^