Staying in shape

I’ve just started this hash run thingy few months back (since last year), although I’m not a regular hasher myself, probably due to my inconsistent schedule plans on Sunday (the runs that I joined were all on Sundays), as I sometimes prefer to go ‘someplace’ else to drift instead of being one with the nature, LOL!!  But to be honest, I actually enjoyed the Rainforest Hash runs a LOT!

Last Sunday I drove all the way to Kemunyang (nearby Sibu Golf  Course) to meet up with my colleagues for the run, the weather was fair and it seemed as though it was going to rain, but then the sun decided to burst out from the clouds and give us hell!  But I guess those experienced hashers had no problem with whatever weather thrown upon them.

Let’s have a look on the stuffs that I normally bring to the hash runs:

Mini towel

Mini towel

A small towel,just to wipe off my sweaty face which could easily affect my vision!



An essential item to screen out the bright sun if the weather’s hot, and it could also be used to protect my head… or the other way around…  With the cap on, it somehow created a blindspot of my views upfront, and I actually bumped my forehead into tree branches quite a few times, all thanks to this cap!



There’s plenty of nasty spikes and sharp grass in the jungle, so you might wanna have your hands wrapped in a pair of gloves for sure, I have to admit the gloves I used doesn’t really does the protection part very well, but its better than nothing at least.  These are also the gloves that I used to change my tires during my usual drift sessions.

Hydration Belt

Hydration Belt

A very important item to bring along in a hash run, it’s where you store your water, or your car keys and etc.  It’s best not to bring your wallet or your handphone along since there are times when you need to get wet, and I mean, real wet.

Soccer socks and shoes

Soccer socks and shoes

Some hashers prefer to wear long pants for the run, and I was no exception as well when I first started, not until I’ve decided to change to the basketball trunk as you see in the picture above, I chose the trunk for better mobility, and it also makes me feel lighter, which is good for hardcore workouts such as this.

With shorter pants, you’ll need longer socks, a pair of soccer socks are enough to protect your legs from scratches and cuts along the way.  Those shoes are bought from the market for a mere RM7, the material is revertex-like, and it gets the job done very well, surprisingly!  Oh and if you are wondering what I was wearing, I always wear a long-sleeve shirt, no exceptions.  I still don’t have the guts to dive myself into the jungle with short-sleeve Ts just yet.

Since I didn’t bring my handphone with me during the run, therefore I couldn’t take any pictures.  But truth be told, I doubt I would do so since I’d be way too exhausted and wouldn’t give a f*ck on taking any pictures anymore, LOL!

After I finished my run, guess what I spotted on my way to my car…

Charmant hasher!

Charmant hasher!

A Daihatsu Charmant!  Looks like there’s another fellow Charmant owner that is into hash runnning as well, but I assume the owner is probably another middle-aged or the good-ol senior citizen type, haha!

Anyways, as the only drifter in town (lonely doraiba!), I do intendto stay in good shape, hash run is a great sport and you just have to try it yourself, a great challenge to oneself, not only physically, but mentally as well.


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  1. Haiya…why didn;t take the photos if you modelling all thsoe things? Hahahahaha!!! Should also post ur photos – before and after, see any effect or not! LOL!!!

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