Charmant’s bonnet repair

Messy bonnet

Messy bonnet

Yes, I know, it’s a pretty horrible sight, but let me explain what actually happened……

1 week after my car was out of the paintshop, my black bonnet started having multiple ‘bubbling’ spots, I had my cousin dropped by the house to have a look and he suspected that the putty body filler was probably the culprit for this effect.  Anyhow, it was CNY and I wasn’t too bothered to get it send back to the workshop right away, I’m sure you can tell by my previous posts that I’ve been busy driving the car!  Or should I say, ‘abusing’ it the sideways style, LOL!

It’s almost April and my wife is going to give birth real, REAL soon!  It’s either this week or next week, with the necessity in being by my wife’s side at all times, I thought now’s a pretty good time to send the car back into the paintshop to get that ‘bubbly’ bonnet repaired.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress:

Messy bonnet

Messy bonnet

The picture above shows a large portion of the THICK putty been grinded and peeled off from the bonnet surface, my cousin was astounded by the thickness of the putty, which was not from his previous work of course.  Probably it was poorly done ages ago when the car had it’s first crash.

Here’s another picture to show how thick the putty layer is, and that’s not all, there’s few more layers under it!

Thick putty layer

Thick putty layer

DCM sticker finished

DCM sticker finished

What saddens me the most is the fact that the DCM sticker cannot be saved, we tried to peel it off carefully without tearing it apart, but then we failed miserably and decided to just let it RIP.

I’m sure I’ve just lost 10hp there without the DCM sticker on the hood!

4 Responses to “Charmant’s bonnet repair”

  1. Yuck!!! That sucks man!! Nvm the sticker. Put some Trojan-style fast and furious sticker at the side. Definately add 20 more bhp. I got on mine, Car damn fast!!!LOL

  2. Or if you want lighter hood, get a carbon fiber sticker on and clear coat it. Better weight to power ratio, guaranteed!

  3. Louis: FnF style stickers kah… I’ll think about it LOL!!

    Edgar: Nah no point having a ‘fake’ CF hood, I’ll stick with the black paint, hehe~

  4. […] I drove my Charmant home last Friday evening soon after my cousin finished the bonnet repair and repaint which took him 2 weeks, pretty darn long considering its only the bonnet that needs fixing, well, […]

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