Star Drift Challenge!

Star Drift Challenge has been one of the biggest and most exciting drift event series in Malaysia since 2008.  This is also the event where you get to see most of Malaysia’s top drifters duke it out with each other, including the Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan and also the underdog, Tan Tat Wei, just to name a few.

Anyhow, the 1st round of Star Drift Challenge 2009 is going to take place real soon towards the end of the month, here’s a poster of the upcoming event:

Star Drift Challenge 2009 Rnd 1

Star Drift Challenge 2009 Rnd 1

However, this is not the main point of this post, what I really wanted to share is this instead:

LFS Star Drift Challenge 2009 - Rnd 1

LFS Star Drift Challenge 2009 - Rnd 1

For those of you that have never heard of LFS, you might think ain’t this the same poster, but with a different background image?  Well… this is actually the LFS (Live For Speed) version of the drift competition, which me and a group of friends from DCM have decided to bring this up so that people like me or those underage ‘drifter wannabes’ can have a taste of what Star Drift Challenge is all about in front of their… well… PCs, LOL!!

If you happen to be someone who hasn’t own a driving license and you’re a big fan of drifting games, please check out Live For Speed, and you might wanna participate in this virtual or should I say digital format of the actual drifting competiton, the Star Drift Challenge 2009, round 1.  For more details on the event, click HERE!

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  1. wanna fly over to west malaysia to join that event? haha, be cool man

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