A fellow Charmant driver from Indonesia

Edgar from Indonesia just posted a comment on one of my previous posts, and that was when I followed through his link and stumbled upon his blog, which features his recent purchased Daihatsu Charmant, a very good buy bro!

Edgars Charmant

Edgar's Charmant

Judging from the pictures I’ve seen, his newly purchased Charmant is in great shape, at least the dashboard seems intact, not like mine which is almost falling apart plus multiple cracks everywhere! T_T

Edgar also seems to be sourcing for parts for his Charmant at the moment, too bad he’s not from Malaysia though, it would’ve been much easier to help him out if we’re both in the same country I think.

So Edgar, I’ve added your blog in my list of links and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your blog for further updates, I’m pretty excited!  Best of luck to your Charmant project, oh and whats the plan for build of the car?  Track? Drift? or Drag?

4 Responses to “A fellow Charmant driver from Indonesia”

  1. Hi Stanley! Thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to do the same.
    Trust me, you won’t be so envious if you get a closer look at my dash. I can’t even close my glove box, no latch bro.. Hahaha

    Once finished, she’ll be running donuts and eights just like yours.. Sadly track is not an option, they only allow 1986 cars or older ATM. I just realized that only days after i bought mine. Farkkk..! Regulations can change tho’.

    I shot an email to your hotmail a few days ago. Not sure if you still use hotmail though …

  2. Edgar: Sorry but I didn’t got your Email, can you maybe resend? It’s stanley_carterr@hotmail.com Don’t forget the extra ‘r’ at the end. ^^

  3. Wa dude!! Sudah ada kaki!! But across the ocean la. Nevertheless…
    Edgar : happy modding!!

  4. […] ‘Dog’ project is looking very promising! Many months ago, I featured Edgar’s Charmant from Indonesia, back then the car just started its body restoration at a bodyshop, after an agonizing 1/2 year […]

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