Sweet rides, not mine…

Here’s a sweet ride I saw from my Mom-in-Law’s house:

Satria with Perdana front end

Satria with Perdana front end

An interesting conversion, it’s a Proton Satria with a Perdana front, the conversion includes the bumpers, both fenders and the headlights, the bonnet is from Mivec though, looks pretty nice IMO,  I think this is also pretty rare (or maybe the first?) in Sibu.

And then there’s this super HAWT Lexus:

2006 Lexus GS300

2006 Lexus GS300

This is a 2006 GS300 owned by my wife’s boss, the car was bought just months ago, so it is still brand spanking new.  You can really tell that my wife’s boss has a GREAT taste in cars alright, way da go! hehe~

Now that I’ve covered 2 nice rides, time to check on mine… which… is not that cool, nor nice, nor sweet at all LOL!

Apparently my dry-cell battery decided to spoil last Sunday just when I was about to drive it out for a spin or two, here’s a look at my dry-cell battery, which has been in my Charmant for almost 2 years:

Dry Cell Battery

Dry Cell Battery

I had it replaced on Monday with a much cheaper, wet / flood cell Battery at my friend’s workshop, here’s the new battery installed:

Wet Cell Battery

Wet Cell Battery

This new wet cell Battery actually costs me RM150 (a brand new dry cell battery would cost more than RM200++), I hadn’t bought any car batteries before so I ain’t too sure if that’s a reasonable price, and I always thought wet cell batteries were somewhere between RM60~RM80 only… WHAT IGNORANCE!! LOL!!

Though the new battery is cheaper, but downside is that I might have to build up a habit to check on the battery fluid from time to time, guess that ain’t much of a problem… I hope… *gulp*

On a side note, I’ve been informed that there is actually a well built Go-Kart track at Sarikei!  I asked my wife’s bro to take some pics and videos and they were shown to me yesterday.  The place looks very nice from what I saw, I forgot to ask him to transfer those video and pictures to me else I would’ve uploaded them here.  Anyways, I might be visiting Sarikei soon in a few months time, will have a better look on the track myself *wink wink* tsk tsk tsk….

4 Responses to “Sweet rides, not mine…”

  1. Hahahahaha!!! I heard you that day, unable to start the car. Good thing you didn’t ask me to help you push it! Too old, too fat liao! No energy to push! Hehehehehehe!!! But you young and strong, can always help when I need help, right? LOL!!!

  2. dry cell are basically maintenance free, so u dont need to check on the battery water level. so when ur at wetcell, u gotta check the battery water level each service. i think most mechs can help you to do top up on that

  3. Me using dry cell cause my battery’s in the co-driver compartment… Sarikei got go kart track? Since when???

  4. STP: Don’t forget I’m a mechanical idiot myself, but I’ll be there if you need me, haha! Thanks for the Yam Balls!

    Tofu: Heard its been there for quite a long time, I don’t know either, will just have to check it out myself.

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