Unwanted publicity!

I think many of you that have read the 12/3/2009 issue of Sin Chew Daily would’ve already read the report regarding some drifting action in Sibu which involves the local policemen as well.

Here’s one that I found from Guangming online, which is basically the exact same report as the one shown in Sin Chew though.

I must admit I was extremely SHOCKED when I first heard the news from a close friend of mine at an early morning yesterday, just when I was on an express and was about to depart to Daro for my outstation duty.  Anyways, this was the first sms that I received that morning:

“Bro, you’re famous now, your drifting video with the police is now on Sin Chew!”

I immediately phoned my friend to clarify the news, which to my disbelief, he wasn’t joking at all.  Right after the phone call, my hp started receiving a whole lot of sms as well as phone calls from many of my colleagues, close friends, and relatives, those that have known me for my fanatic interests in drifting of course ^_^

Throughout the entire day of work at Daro, my mind was literally occupied by the mixed feelings regarding the news, not to mention that my hp was hella busy from morning to evening!  I just wasn’t sure if this sudden publicity is REALLY bad, or quite bad, or maybe, not THAT bad la… but of course I know it definitely can’t be GOOD that’s for sure!  Since the way that the reporter wrote on the news made me feel like I’m a fugitive or somesort, I was like “WTF!?” :S

But what’s been done has been done, I should’ve anticipated this outcome since I’ve uploaded the video a long time ago, what I don’t really understand is WHY the heck does the reporter even bother to make a fuss about a video that’s like almost a year ago?  Has the local reporters got nothing better to write on?  Buggers….

Enough crap, the video has now been taken off.


10 Responses to “Unwanted publicity!”

  1. I’m actuallly worried. Some parties may not take too nicely to it. What’s the content of the news? Did they condone or criticise your action?

  2. tofu: I’ve placed a link to the news, but its in Mandarin.

  3. Gotta get my wife to translate it… good move removing the video.

  4. I don’t read Chinese too so I dunno what they said. I guess some narrowminded people do not see drifting as a hobby but as sheer reckless driving and with some police people around, they thought they’ve got a scoop to put them in really bad light! Have to be careful what we write or post in our blog… I do hope everything’s ok.

  5. What the hell? Seriously if I were you I would go furious at the reporter who makes the review, but it’s pointless because at the end he/she will have someone to cover his/her back. When I read the website (translated by HyperC and Google lol), by looking at the screenshot they taken of the video its like accussing you or something, well wtf?

    Good idea of removing the video.

  6. tofu: yeah finally decided to remove the video for good.

    STP: Yep, I got some other stuff to worry about, like my ‘on the way’ baby boy, kekeke~

    Zam: Small town like Sibu, the lesser the attention the better I guess, since Drifting still isn’t common here in Sarawak.

  7. sin chew’s hq is after all in sibu right, guess the small sleepy town lacking news to write. haha. anyways, screw them and pursue ur passion man. btw ive added u to my links, enjoy

  8. Kev: No problem. ^^

  9. Hi Stanley, greetings from Indonesia.
    I shot an email to your hotmail.
    Would be nice if we can chat a bit.

  10. […] fellow Charmant driver from Indonesia Edgar from Indonesia just posted a comment on one of my previous posts, and that was when I followed through his link and stumbled upon his blog, which features his […]

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