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Uber SEXY Silvia!

Posted in Car stuff on March 8, 2009 by Stanley Carter

First of all, I’m a huge fan of Speedhunters, ever since I stumbled upon one of their many slow-mo videos on youtube, I haven’t stopped checking up their website each and everyday till now!

Recently, the Speedhunters visited the Japan’s famous HKS factory and discovered this gem, its the personal street legal Silvia S15 owned by non other than the super driver, Nobuteru Taneguchi, a.k.a NOB (No One Better):

NOBs Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

NOB's Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

NOBs Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

NOB's Personal Street Legal Silvia S15

….Just….look at this BEAUTY!  So f*ckin gorgeous!

I’m actually a big fan of nicely tuned street legal vehicles (not so much on track cars), and this Silvia from NOB right here is the true SH*T alright!  The moment I saw this on Speedhunters, I had my eyes glued onto the monitor for several minutes!  Just imagine how awesomely cool it would be if one is to drive this car around town, and when you felt like it, you can also rip it up at some local tracks for some sideways action (But not in Sibu la… here don’t have any race tracks at all….sigh~)!

To be honest, I’m quite happy with my Charmant (I truely am lar~~ LOL!), I’m also aware on the fact that I may not be able to own a Silvia (especially a S15) ever in my entire life (I know, I’m pretty pessimistic), but IF! Just IF…. I ever do have the opportunity to get myself a S15, this is exactly how I would like my Silvia to look like.  This Silvia right here is the benchmark of omgwtfbbq awesome sexiness, period!

…..Damn, just look at it…. so….SEXY~~~ ^^