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Cough cough cough!

Posted in Sibu Drifting on March 1, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Continued from my previous post, here’s another youtube video that I’ve just uploaded which was recorded by Johnny on the same day, the video features me in my 4AGE Charmant attempting a donut plus burnout stunt as well as having the driver’s side door opened up.  The tires gave up pretty quick after a few tries, other than that it was helluva fun smoking up the Charmant, I was very much delighted, and to think this was pretty much impossible 2 years back.  Enough said, enjoy the crappy video:

If you turn up your volume, you would noticed that I stalled the car in the end, that’s because I was actually having my left foot on the brakes, trying to control the speed of the donut, which as you can see, doesn’t really help much though LOL!  When I’ve decided to stop and lifted off the throttle, I forgot to clutch in, and stalled the car, very noobish I know, haha!