Close call!

Yesterday evening I was at my Mother-in-Law’s house when the rain started getting heavier, I didn’t paid much attention to the extremely heavy rain and continue’d watching some drama in the house.  At around 9pm’ish, my mom called:

“Stan, you’re coming home yet?”

“Will be in 30 minutes I guess”

“Well just to inform you, our lane is flooded, and its coming into the garage already”


I walked out to the balcony and finally I realized that water is starting to rise thanks to the non-stop heavy rainpour throughout the past several hours.  I quickly informed my wife and we slowly walked to our vehicle, the water level reached our ankles on the road at the time.

The ride home was pretty difficult, as the rain pour was really heavy, it decreases the visibility a lot, plus the fact that my windscreen wipers haven’t gotten replaced (which it should).  But anyhow, we did reached home safely.  As expected, our lane was flooded, I’ve decided its best to drive my wife into the garage first, then drove back out to park my car on a higher ground as a precaution.

Here’s a picture I took from my house:

Flood in the making?

Flood in the making?

This is the highest water level point I think, if it gets any higher its definitely coming into our house for sure.  I suspect the main culprit of this is the bad drainage system which wasn’t properly maintained and also, there is this big house just accross the street which was doing some construction as well, could that be a culprit too?

Anyways, the water subsided pretty soon, I even came down to double check during 1am midnight just to ensure it ain’t rising, but to my surprise, it subsided quicker than I thought, the whole lane was already water free, which was a great relief.  I’m sure other lower areas in Sibu are once again haunted by this sudden flood, sigh~

4 Responses to “Close call!”

  1. Must be the water from other district like Kapit draining into the sewage and flooding the rejang basin… The drainage there is hopeless. Stan, your house better start putting flood barriers… for next year.

  2. Louis: I do hope the Gov’t do something before its too late, I don’t want Sibu to be the next Borneo Venice. :S

  3. Haiya! Cannot see me in the photo leh? Hahahahahaha!!!

  4. STP: This angle is aimed at Siaw’s house la, LOL!

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