From voluntary work to Drift Showoff

Last Sunday morning I went to Sibu Agape Center along with a group of friends from, one of the lady in the group proposed to do some voluntary work for the place, which is to repaint some areas in the building.  As we only have the entire morning to spend, we’ve decided that it is fair to complete all the Parapets within the building.  Our group consists of 30++ people, during the entire morning, everyone were  scrapping the rust off the Parapet and applying new paint on them.  Most of us had no experience in doing this sorta work  so the quality of work done so far wasn’t very good LOL!  In the end we spent more time repairing our f*ckup up paint job, and yes, we did not finished what we had planned, but at least we’re halfway through, but we will be back of course!

Anyhow, after everyone cleaned up the place and packed up ready to leave, some of the guys in the group asked me to do some drift in the big parking space, I agreed and the show was on:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks to Simmy Tan for taking these video clips.  As you can see from the videos above, the entire drifting action didn’t last long, as I was worried if the management of the place would be unhappy, but other than that, I still managed to give 2 friends a ride, and I think they enjoyed it, which is always a good thing, haha!

8 Responses to “From voluntary work to Drift Showoff”

  1. breathless watching the drifting. u know Simmy? i heard she is a talented photographer. wonder if it is the same Simmy

  2. Wah you drifted at the Agape centre!! Is the japanese guy who customises wheelchair still there? Nice drift though. Really used up the whole area… Can see good control there.

  3. Beng: Yes, its the same Simmy you’re talking about, and yea we know each other.

    tofu: Didn’t saw any Japanese that day, it was Sunday morning and the place was pretty much empty except for a few management personnel in the office only. ^^

  4. You should have invite those management personnel to have a ride on your drift action. Maybe they will get hooked and addicted to it and request you to stop by every Sunday to give them a show. 🙂

    Good heart and nice drift, bro!

  5. Jimmy: Haha I doubt so, those are aunties and uncles, I’m just glad they didn’t complaint on the tire marks that I’ve made on their clean parking lot~ ^^

  6. […] sunday, I had a little drift showoff at Sibu Agape Center, right after that I actually got a sms from Johnny asking if I wanted to have some fun, having just […]

  7. eh Stanley, I wanted to get into your car but then I am afraid I might be too heavy for the ride, so heavy untill your car cannot drift, that I was going to embarrassed myself..hahah…But it was great watching you drift, kind of like being in a movie, hahah

  8. Simmy: That’s not even possible, unless you’re like 200kg or something haha!

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