Yes! Madam!

I have a bad habit, whenever I finished my shower, I don’t go straight to the room to get myself dressed, instead the first thing I do after I came out from the shower is to sit in front of the PC, half naked with only a towel around my waist.  The thing that annoys my wife is the fact that I would spent more than 10 minutes in front of the PC, half naked, till I finally decided its time to get dressed, yea, my wife is really annoyed.  She’s kinda fed’up trying to remind me all the time as well, and this is what she thought of:

Wife's note

Wife's note

Guess what, when I first saw this note, I actually stood up and went to get myself dressed immediately, I’m not sure why, but surprisingly it works, I guess its just her humourous approach to this matter that really caught my attention.  And yeah, I should really get rid of this bad habit of mine, LOL!

p/s: Speaking of which, I’m actually posting this entry half naked again right after shower, and psst, my wife ain’t home atm too, LOL!!


One Response to “Yes! Madam!”

  1. Dang! I have that bad habit too LOL! Sorta got sucked to the PC the moment out of shower LOL….

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