Sexy Charmant

Charmant with cool wheels

Charmant with cool wheels

…not my car sadly!

I spotted this Charmant few days ago while I was driving my wife to her office, do check out the wheels he’s running with, I’m not entirely sure what wheels are those, but its deep dished, wide and its looking really good on the Charmant alright!  Too bad the traffic was moving so I couldn’t possibly just go down and knock on his window to have a chat or two (yeah right, like I would really have the guts to do that, LOL!).  But honestly, don’t you guys agreed that those wheels should be on my car, instead of his?  I’m sure this is just another Ah Pek driving this Charmant as a daily driver, its definitely a waste!  Gimme those wheels!

Oh yeah, if I do have those wheels, the red has gotta go for sure, haha! ^_^

4 Responses to “Sexy Charmant”

  1. Talk about Charmant..I have found lotsa of nice Charmant pics. To be posted on my blog soon! *grins*

  2. bro im not sure if u ever notice ur comments, but i left it in another comment and said im going to sibu tommorow

    if u wanna show me around, feel free too, wanna see some touge and drift sites around sibu.

    my number is 016-5217030, feel free to sms, i will be there between 21st to 24th

  3. Kev: I’ve probably missed your previous comment, anyhow, sorry to disappoint you, but Sibu road is one of the WORST in Sarawak, you’ll know that for sure once you drop by. There’s no touge available here, but drift sites yes, but its mostly infested by annoying joggers. I’m kinda busy for this weekend, but I’ll give you a call if I can squeeze out time.

  4. thanks for the call. yeah, first time when i dropped off the sibu airport, im like wtf, lol, the roads are rather bouncy and it looks like another country! lol.

    as i said, ill be free anytime, im leaving on tuesday. atm, im just enjoying what sibu has to offer, hehe

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