New look!

While I was fooling around with my Charmant pictures using Photoshop, I made a customized signature image in which I’d be using in many forums that I frequent at, here’s how my new forum signature looks like at the moment:

Other than that, I’ve also made some slight changes and decided to give my blogsite a fresh new look as well, I’m sure you’ve already spot my new image header, tee hee hee! ^^

7 Responses to “New look!”

  1. Your siggy and header looks nice, though I would try to photoshop the front rims to a better ‘photoshopped rims’ LOL.

  2. Wow! Nice!!!…You so free, can come over and make nice header for me oso lah! Then my blog page will not be so boring! LOL!!!

  3. STP: sure can, if I have ideas in my head la~ haha~ why don’t you tell me what kinda header image you want? gimme some materials so I might make it work.

  4. Psst…have u heard? At the firecracker brat’s sister’s wedding reception, the emcee collapsed in the toilet and died? And everyone started yakety-yak about it being a horribly bad omen…..

  5. Holy shit, you serious?
    Is the emcee someone well known (I mean, pro wedding emcees in Sibu aren’t many)? Haven’t read much newspapers lately, was it on?

  6. Li Wen aka Eric. Used to teach dancing for SUPP Youth. The one always deejaying at Farley supermarket – full of dirty comments.

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