Triton > Hilux

I’ve driven a lot of Hilux, and I think the older models were better cars, the latter model to me is a bit… not sure how to put it exactly, but it felt soft on the road, so soft and wobbly that it gave me headaches most of the time.

Anyhow, I think the Triton from Mitsubishi is a cool looking car, and surprisingly, the handling seems to be far better as compared to the new Hilux, check out this video for the handling test:

Can you say OMGWTFBBQ @ that bodyroll?  Whats the point of an off-roader if its that easy to flipover?  Phail!

6 Responses to “Triton > Hilux”

  1. You’re going ot buy one? Don’t forget to bring me jalan2 makan angin, ya? Ummm….on second thoughts, never mind! I scared, later you try to do flips like that! LOL!!!

  2. STP: Flip? no lah, haven’t learnt that trick yet LOL! Anyways, I ain’t buying one lah, saving money for Stanley Jr. ^^

  3. Is there a Stanley Jr on the way…???

  4. Louis: Yeah, expecting him on April ^^

  5. April fool baby I hope!

  6. Ah, no wonder why you popped that question when i came to sibu in dec 08. Good luck dude!!!

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