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My Charmant is finally at HOME!

Posted in Car stuff on January 20, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Damn right!  After 2 months of waiting, my car is finally out of the freaking paintshop, now parking elegantly (LOL!) in my house, rust free and looking sexy clean! (but my dashboard still looks crappy, will post pictures up soon)

I first drove my car out of the paintshop on last Sunday (18th Jan) at 7pm, first thing I did was to test drive the car at the nearby industrial driveway (naughty naughty~), I have to admit, I care more on how my car drives instead of the paint job quality! So how was the test drive? well it didn’t went well as the car doesn’t seem to respond as it used to be, must be due to the spark plug changes at the previous week, and what disturbs me the most was that the LSD doesn’t seem to work at 1st gear!  I drove to a wider area, and attempted to donut just to try out my LSD, 1st gear, dump clutch, rear tires started to spin as expected, but when the rev reaches 5-6k, it felt like clutch is slipping and the rev started hitting the redline, bra bra brap~~!!  The donut tidak jadi, tried 2 and 3 times, still same, was scared that the LSD already given up, then started driving the Charmant out on the roads again, the clutch seems ok though, then drove back to the wide area again, this time using 2nd gear, dump clutch, surprisingly, the car donuts swiftly, what I don’t understand is now my 2nd gear felt more powerful than the 1st gear?  Weird~~~

Anyhow, I’ve also changed all four door panels yesterday, which costs me another extra RM250 including wrapping and installation.  Lemme summarize the changes which I don’t really like about after I got my hands on the car:

1. LSD doesn’t respond the way it was

2. Seat rail has been redone and welded, but now my seat is HIGHER!  And non-adjustable! WTF!

3. I still have awful offset wheels at the back LOL!

4. Dashboard is falling apart.

Other than that, I’m happy with how the car looks now after the repaint, especially after I’ve applied all the DCM stickers onto the car last night.  Can’t wait to do some photoshoot of my little Charmant, which I haven’t, blame it on the weather these days, non stop rains!  Stay tune for more updates.