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The sexiest KE70 on earth!

Posted in Car stuff on January 13, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Since my hometown is currently flooding badly, there’s not much to do except staying at home most of the time when I’m not at work.  While I was browsing Speedhunters last night, I came across this one of many TAS’2009 post which was covering the vintage rides, that is when  I saw this gem:

This is how an old school KE70 should look like, everything is kept super clean and simple, no over the top bodykits or any of that crap, just slap in some super deep dish watanabes with a little fender flare, and you’re ready to roll!  Check out the stance of the car, simply drool worthy!  Although there isn’t any shots of the engine, but according to Speedhunters this cur is equipped with a 4AGE, pretty common engine swap for such a car I’d say.

Anyways, there are more other cool rides being covered in the post though, if you’re interested, you can check’em all out here –> CLICK ME!