My Christmas experience!

Of all the years that I’ve spent on Christmas, 2008 is definitely the year that I received the most presents, nuff’ SAID! XD

If any of you do follow my previous blog entries, especially on the failed gift wrapping one, you’d know that I’ve participated in two Christmas gift exchange sessions.  The first session took place at my office, I received a box filled with three items inside, first being a notebook (which I’d gladly donate to anyone who’s interested, as me and my wife have no use of it):

Cheesy looking notebook

Cheesy looking notebook

The second item in the box is a 4R sized photo frame, which as you can see, I’ve placed a wedding picture of me and my wife:

Photo Frame

Photo Frame

The last item is a pen holder + tiny photo frame + miniature drawer, this is my favorite piece of the gift and I’ve placed it on my work desk, and also a cool picture for the frame itself (which I’ve took from my wedding pictures collection as well):

Pen holder with photo frame

Pen holder with photo frame

The second Christmas gift exchange session happened last night when I’ve attended a post-Christmas BBQ gathering at my wife’s colleague’s house.  The gift that I’ve got is a clock:

Cute Clock

Cute Clock

Now that I’ve covered the Christmas gifts that I’ve got from the two gift exchange sessions, time to move on to my other presents, next is this pink colored Cactus (no shit! It’s a REAL Cactus!) that I’ve got from my colleague:

Pink Cactus

Pink Cactus

Seriously, I’ve never heard nor seen a colored Cactus before, except for the Green ones of course.  Apparently this is not the only color my colleague has in hand, she actually bought several versions which all had different colors and shapes, there’s also this yellow Cactus which shaped like the private parts of a man, LOL!  Anyways, this Cactus is just so cool that I’ve also decided to place it on my work desk, here’s another view of this pink colored Cactus:

Pink Cactus

Pink Cactus

My last Christmas gift came from my lovely wife, which is this Racing Glove that I stumbled upon on this thread from DCM.  It’s an unknown cheapo brand hence the ‘not so’ expensive price tag, I’ve always wanted a proper glove during my drift practice and now it’s the chance, my wife was generous enough to sponsor me for the glove as I was out of money actually LOL!

My racing glove

My racing glove

To be honest, this glove doesn’t fit on my hands that well, after I’ve firmly wore it on, there are some tiny gaps at my finger tips, especially on my thumb, which really sucks, maybe I should’ve picked size ‘S’?  Well, I have yet to test it on my Charmant, that will have to wait when my car is out of the paint shop, I will make the final judgement by then.

Now that wraps up my Christmas presents part, lets move on to my other Christmas experience.  On Christmas eve, it was pretty much a boring day for me, first of all, Sibu was invaded by heavy rain the entire night, and since my wife is currently pregnant, I can’t bring her for any of the countdown parties (which all took place at local pubs), it was pretty disappointing as all our friends were partying while both of us had to go home early.  But nonetheless, our baby is our main priority, party only mar, lots of chances lar~ XD

On the actual Christmas day, I’ve brought my wife to Kent’s Kitchen for our Christmas Dinner, I forgot the actual menu that we ordered but the Christmas package consisted of Chicken salad:


Chicken Salad

And then the mixed grill:


Mixed Grill

There’s also a glass of Apple Juice, a cup of tea, some Garlic breads.  Overall it was a pretty good Christmas dinner that we had although the price is a bit on the high side (I’m a cheapskate!).

And that’s all for my Christmas experience!  End! LOL!

10 Responses to “My Christmas experience!”

  1. Damn the mixed grill looks delicious LOL!

  2. Eh’re wife is pregnant already? Wei so fast wei LOL! Congrats again.

  3. I thought you already knew about this long ago? way outdated already LOL!

  4. Going to be father of lembu baby, ya? Already peeped or not? I look-see, like going to be a boy! Right or not? LOL!!! Aiyor…you said want to give away notebook, I thought got laptop – that one I want! Hahahahaha!!! Btw, how much the dinner? You did not mention the price. Happy New Year to you, your mrs and your family! Take good care of her and ur baby, ya!

  5. STP: The dinner costs RM58 in total. ^^ Happy New Year to you too, going out party later on or not? LOL!

  6. sounds like a great deal of christmas goodies. so i assume that u hail from sibu? i haven’t been there for ages, almost 14 years and counting. my grandparents stay in tekam road, however grandma passed away 12 years ago and my grandpa is stuck here now in kampar since he is unable to walk and take care of himself. probably would head back to sibu one day, i missed kong pia and cha kuey teow! the only source of kong pia is from sitiawan, which is about 1 hours drive from my town. anyways, i cant drift, but im a touge kaki.

  7. Old man liao…early2 go to sleep! Hope you’re not planning to set off firecrackers – kacau my beauty sleep! Later I become not-sui tuapui! Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. Bugger, I don’t know about it. I didn’t notice until I re-read your post again and was like “WTF? Pregnant already?”. Same goes to HyperC.

    I need glasses..

  9. Sorry for late comment, haha i dunno you are writing your blog so constantly.

    anyway, u have a good christmas eve…& your wife, lolxx.. can’t believe that she is supporting you for drifting.. nice wife.. =x

    i rather choose to celebrate with my loved one instead of going out parties with huge group of people 😛

    nice food as well..~ i will go to try them one day.

  10. […] last Christmas when my wife bought me a pair of racing gloves?  it was put to good use, Zamil once requested me to write some feedbacks on how well the gloves […]

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