Gift wrapping epic fail!

Before I explain, check out the following epic fail wrapping  LOL!

Failed gift wrapping

Failed gift wrapping

It looks hideous doesn’t it, and guess what, even though it IS a Christmas gift that I bought which will be used for the Christmas Gift Exchange program that is to be held next Monday in my office, but this wrapping was actually done by my wife! LMAO!

Well, to be honest, it ain’t exactly her fault though, I should be the one to be blamed as I was the one that insisted that the gift should be wrapped on directly instead of placing it in a proper box, yep, you heard me right, it’s a dumb idea I know LOL!

It all started yesterday when me and my wife visited the SuperSave store at Sibu Delta Mall during lunch time.  We were basically looking for some decent and also cheap gifts that falls under the requirements (minimum RM10 or above) for the upcoming Christmas Gift Exchange programs (yeah, it ain’t just one!).  As the name of the shop implies, the shop is packed with loads of variety cheapo items, my wife picked a medium sized photo album while I got myself a pretty decent looking table clock, then I reminded my wife that these items don’t include any packaging or boxes, she then ensured me that she will bring some back from her office later in the evening, which she DIDN’T by the way.  Without having any proper sized boxes to do the gift wrappings, I then convinced my wife that by just wrapping onto the item wouldn’t look too bad, she hesitated at first but got into it after several ‘encouragements’ from her lovely yet ignorant husband, and this was the outcome:

Failed gift wrapping

Failed gift wrapping

Yuck!! I have to admit I didn’t expect it to look THAT bad, my wife went nuts and was so regretful at the ‘stunt’ she just pulled off, hats off to her for that though! Ha ha!

Here’s another shot of the crappy gift compared to a decent packaged gift:

Gift comparision

Gift comparision

The better looking gift was also done by my wife, well that was her gift though, since the photo album does come with some sort of a cover box thingy, so the wrapping can be done ‘properly’.

Anyhow, my crappy gift did not stop there, we had to fix it, I mean, how can you expect anyone to even appreciate a gift like THIS?  Guess not huh… LOL!

Well, this was the solution that we thought of, by using an empty tissue box:

Emptied tissue box

Emptied tissue box

The tissue box proved to be a bit too big for my Clock, but nonetheless its better than nothing.  Since both me and my wife were too lazy to customize the box to make it fit the gift item more (which is still possible btw), we decided to just give it a go, after some simple wrapping, my gift now looks way better:

Nice gift!

Nice gift!

Phew, that was a relief! LOL!

4 Responses to “Gift wrapping epic fail!”

  1. Next time you need gifts like that, just come over to my house. I’ve got lots of presents I received on my retirement – dunno where to keep even!!! Wanna throw away, also sayang! Just pick what you want…but of course, you and your wife will have to wrap yourselves! LOL!!!

  2. You kept and didn’t used those gifts kah? Can donate mar~ hehe, for good deeds.

  3. Dennis Chieng Says:

    lolz, i thought u ask your wife to dabao for you..
    mine, i ask my aunty tolong, hahahahaha….

  4. […] any of you do follow my previous blog entries, especially on the failed gift wrapping one, you’d know that I’ve participated in two Christmas gift exchange sessions.  The […]

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