Worst registration ever?

This morning while I was browsing Tengku Djan’s latest blog entry on the Red Bull Drifting Event, I was tempted to post a reply to show my support, so I’ve decided to register to his blog site, to my surprise, I see this:

What the F*ck?

What the F*ck?

As you can see from the screenshot above, WordPress requires me to enter the letters that it provides, just have a look for yourself, can you actually IDENTIFY any letters from that at all?  Well, I honestly don’t, and I’m sure this is definitely one of the weirdest registration I’ve ever encountered, I wondered if it’s a joke though?  ^^

2 Responses to “Worst registration ever?”

  1. I have the same problem too! It seems Djan didn’t notice this. His wordpress is definately are having some problem. I tried to post a comment during his Odaiba trip and guess what, the same problem arises.

    That’s why I you checked all of his post from Oct/Nov, there is no single comment posted on it. Will try to inform Djan about this though, but right now he’s at Johore for some R3 program.

  2. Walau, is that true? i never encounter that kind of wierd thing b4 le.. i will try it tomolo!! haha

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