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Rust, rust and more rust~

Posted in Car stuff on November 20, 2008 by Stanley Carter

Well, after driving and drifting my trusty old Charmant for several years, the rust has decided to come and hunt me (well it ain’t the first time though).

Somehow I noticed that the rust and the condition of my Charmant’s body started to get worse after the 4AGE conversion, or maybe its the fact that I didn’t took enough care of it, most probably the latter.  Anyhow, I’m going to be sending the car into a local body shop for rust removal and some welding job if required, better late than never right?

I have a few pictures here just to show you how’s my rust condition is at the moment…

bonnetrustThis is how my current bonnet looks like, what an awful sight huh?  Well once I got all these rusts fixed, I might just paint this bonnet in black.

frontliprustThis is my front bumper lip, with several cracks here and there just to make it look worse.  Should this front lip stays white or make it black as well?

fender-rust2This is my left front fender, aside from the cracks, the fender is also not in a very good shape either, you can see how its being pushed outwards, can’t recall what actually caused that though.

fender-rust3This is from the right rear fender, check out the damage, you can actually tear those paint+putty apart pretty easily by hand.

doorrustThe door needs to be fixed as well, its leaking too!  Argh~!

rearbumperrustAnother big crack just above my exhaust, this was actually caused by a motorcycle accident (it crashed into the car from behind, backside yeah baby!) when my dad was driving.  So now you know I did not do that just so that I can install the bigger exhaust, which many have mistaken so, LOL!

Aside from fixing all the rust on both the exterior and interior of the car, I’m also thinking of whether I should just strip the whole car bare naked and perform spot welds to strengthen the body and chassis.  My concerns would be the amount of work, time and $$ required to get all these jobs done properly, which I am totally lacking at the moment… well, I’ll see how it goes.  But one thing for sure, once the body is fixed, the car is definitely getting a new paint, I’m thinking of white but not exactly sure what kind of white just yet, that is something I’m really looking forward to, guess its finally time for me to stop drifting with a rusty crap! Haha!

That’s it for now, I’ll update the body repairing process from time to time.  So stay tuned!

Exhausting Sunday

Posted in Personal on November 10, 2008 by Stanley Carter

Yesterday was one helluva busy day!  First I went out to had breakfast with my family, then we head to a Charity Bazaar at “Jian Xing” high school.  After that the fun part starts as I drove my Charmant to my usual playground to meet up a friend of mine called Luke, whom is another Bintulu ‘ex-drifter’.

Due to the super hot weather (it was almost 11am), my tires doesn’t last long, I’ll let the picture do the talking:


I changed 2 tyres during the drift session, though it was real hot but we had fun.  Luke had to drive all the way back to Bintulu in the afternoon, and also due to the fact that I had a basketball game to play soon after this, I rushed all the way home just to get changed and headed to the nearby basketball court from my house to meet up with my basketball buddies.

Without taking any shower at all, the already sweaty body of mine gets even more sweatier (and smelly too) after 1 and a half hours of non stop hoop action.  Tired from the basketball session, I did not drove home immediately for a cool shower, instead, I drove all the way to a tyre shop at Jalan Lanang just o stock up my spare tires and also change my current ones:



With my tires changed and some extra tires in my booth, it cost me RM80 for a total of 3 tyres, 2 of them have like 90% thread on it so it was a good bargain, if you wonder how can it be sold that cheap, well its Indonesia brand and nobody wants it! lol!

At around 2pm, I finally got home and took a long shower.  After the shower and some rest on my bed, I’ve noticed I’ve only had so little time left for my lunch before I have to head to the office to meetup with my hashing buddies!  Due to the time constraints, I’ve decided to have only breads as my lunch, and some chocolate milk, plus I ain’t that hungry too.

I’ve arrived my office at 3:15pm, then we depart immediately to the hash destination.  Without any pictures taken, I’ll try to make this as short as possible.  While all of us are climbing our ass off in the hills, the rain started pouring down and it gets heavier soon after which makes the climbing process extremely challenging for me as I was only equipped with a cheap shoe which doesn’t do its job pretty well, as a result, I was literally sliding and falling on every downhill decents, ha!

Got home at almost 7pm and I was already exhausted, after my shower and dinner, I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep at a very early time of 8pm.  What a full packed Sunday I had.

So long, Friendter Blog

Posted in Personal on November 6, 2008 by Stanley Carter

I’ve decided to move all my blog posts from Friendster to here since I don’t visit there anymore.  So here are the old entries:

Coming out from the “CAVE” – July 2005

Yep, I’ve finally made the big decision, and that is to move back to my previous apartment, due to many many reasons and problems I’m facing during the last two months at my new apartment, I just couldn’t bare it anymore, life sucks more each and every day, and things got even worse especially since last week, my life was quite miserable to say the least, ok enough for the pity talk… I’m moving tonight, god bless me, can’t wait to get my hands on the f*ckin broadband again!! argh~~!!!! LFS!!!

“LUCKY” me… – July 2005

yep yep, what a “lucky” weekend, I can’t believe I lost my sim card (still got RM70++ inside!) two nights ago, it was one that I’ve been using for over 4 years straight, memories man, the number…. oh man… 016-8694146… I’m going to miss you…

anyhow, sometimes life just suck, but who cares, still I gotta move on, so I went and bought another new number!! woo hoo~~~ here it is 016-3434580!!! too bad I couldn’t recover all my contacts though, losts heaps of them  T_T

Good things do happen! – August 2005

Guess what, I’ve got my lost sim card back yesterday, it was right under my house’s main door all these times after all, never thought it would be hidden at that sort of place (though I’ve went downstairs of my apartment and search through those dirty pavements and longkang somemore), anyways, big thanks to my new roommate, the other “Stanley” as he’s the one that found the sim card for me, so glad I got my original number back, 016-8694146, yes!

By the way, tonight is going to be awesome, as I’ll be doing an interview for my college project, hope I don’t get too nervous by that time, hehe…

Experience in a 700hp Skyline! – August 2005

On 3rd August (Wednesday), I went and interviewed a well known drifter in KL, good thing is, the drifter is so nice he came and fetch me to his house instaed, although he is not driving his usual drift car, but he drove a R33 Skyline.

I’ve seen and heard of the Skyline, but to actually sat in it is simply amazing, and the feeling and excitement of it is off the hook!  The torque of the car is crazy, the pickup is so fast and furious that I got pulled back to the seat, while he just shifted up to 3rd gear, the speedometer is already at 180km/h… and whats interesting is, the car felt so stable at that sort of speed, it felt fast, real fast, very powerful, while at the same time, I feel secured.

Skyline madness, another day to remember.

Time is running out once again – August 2005

Yeah, time really flies, my projects submission dates are coming real soon, and I still got plenty of stuff to worry about, well, that’s how life in APIIT is, you’re always busy with projects or assignments, kinda sucks though, but what can I say? that’s life as a college student, whats worse is, I don’t even have the ability to earn my own money now, I don’t have time (excuses?), and I simply can’t go to places as easily as I don’t have proper transportation.

Been wondering what to do with my final year project, after doing some surveys, I’ve noticed most of the feedbacks I’ve got prefered my system to be online, web based rather than offline application on CD.  But the problem is, my system isn’t really “dynamic”, as in there’s no use of database, no updates of any data or information and so forth, is it really necessary to make it as an online application?  well I guess it does, since the “users” said so, anyways, lots of stuff for me to change, again, life sucks.

I want to drift now, really do.

I just love the rain…. – August 2005

It’s raining heavily right now, reminds me of the times when I would go out have some drifting fun with my little old Charmant…. sigh… I miss drifting, a whole lot… nothing much I could do, no money, no car, and whole lots of college project for me to deal with, tough life indeed.

Anyhow, life is getting pretty much busy these days, as the submission date for my projects are coming close, schedules are getting tighter, and same goes to pressure, the more pressure I get, the lazier I am, interesting eh… hehe

There’s some good news too, last 2 weekends, I participate in a drifting competition based on this online racing game called Live For Speed, stayed up the whole night until early 5AM, and I’ve beaten every other competitors and won the competition, it was pretty cool, though there no prizes, but I was real happy.

If any of you ever feel like watching a video about this competition, check these out:


eat, walk, eat and walk again…. – September 2005

I’ve went to Bukit Jalil Stadium this evening, was checking out whats the fuss is all about, there are loads of people alright, loads of food, and loads of cheap stuff for sale as well.

Seems pretty interesting, but its actually the same old thing over and over again, everyone is selling the same stuff, everyone is making the same food, after one and a half hour walk around the place, I didn’t get to find anything too unique or something, well there are some malay artist rapping, and then there’s some DJ at some place else shouting chanting something I don’t understand at all.

Have I told you I went there alone?? ya I’m a poor and lonely bugger, haha!! well that’s a good thing you know, because when you’re walking and checking out stuffs, you don’t need to wait for anyone nor do you need to follow someone else’s footsteps, but boring?? hell yes.

In the end, I’ve bought a Chicken Rice for my dinner, 2 cups of sweet corns (those are awesome), an Apple justea, 4 packs of instant beehoon, and… ya… 3 pair of sporty socks at a very good offer.

Damn, gotta get back to my projects, again.

Old one goes, new one comes – September 2005

3 days ago, while I was playing Live For Speed, a tragic incident happened as my Logitech Wingman FF GP’s throttle pedal suddenly broke into half, I’ve noticed it when there’s no throttle detection in game, and when I found out that it was the pedals broken loose, I screamed like a little girl….

here’s a picture of the wheel:


and here are some pictures of the broken pedal:

Broke1 Broke

So, with the pedal broken loose, I have no other way but to stop playing, and when I remembered that I’d be having a competition soon in another 2 weeks time, I just told myself I need to get this fixed or get another one….

Long story short, I’ve a friend that owns a Logitech Momo Racing Wheel for some time after I’ve bought mine, and he’s planning to sell it at a fairly good price, what a perfect timing, so I gave him a call, and during the same night, I got my immediate replacement, here’s a picture of my new wheel now:

Momo Momo2

This new momo wheel feels excellent, with extra steering angle plus a shifter knob, it feels way better than my Wingman, plus the force feedback is stronger and there’s zero wheel lag at all, which is something I’ve always wanted.  But there are some problems with the pedals as well, but I’ve found a temporary solution for that though, hope it’ll last long enough.

While I’m still trying hard in getting use to this wheel, my old wheel has been put aside, but the pedals are currently under repairs, or should I say… modifications, hehe… thanks to my friend MetalZone, he’s currently in the process of fixing my old pedals, so once its fixed, I could use the extra pedals as a clutch, adds more realism and fun to my driving, good news.

Stanley in Christmas… – December 2005

Haven’t updated this friendster blog in a long long time, there’s several reasons though:

1. I’m simply lazy.

2. Getting raped hard by college projects.

3. Still lazy.

Anyways, its Christmas, I had a pretty good Christmas this year, a friend of mine had his birthday dinner last night and me and a bunch of good’ol friends celebrated Christmas with the birthday boy afterwards.  Though I couldn’t spend this wonderful Christmas with the ones that I love most, yet being with friends ain’t too bad either, at least I don’t feel lonely, heh.

I feel like talking about a wedding dinner I attended last Friday, it’s a good friend of mine, not too young and not too old, to me he’s in the perfect age to get married, his wife is pretty and both of them look marvelous together.  The dinner was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel (hope I’m not spelling it wrong), it’s quite a place and damn was the underground parking lot filled with expensive, exortic sport cars.  Me and a friend of mine were already drooling way before we encounter our first dish because of those sexy machines.

The dinner though, was very nice, though I don’t know 80% of the people there, but I managed to make a few new friends as well, and of course, meeting up with our good’ol Malaysia drifters never gets boring, haha.  Yes, my married friend is a drifter, and few tables of drifters are to be expected.  After few minutes hanging around the outside of the ball room, the dinner started very soon (though a bit late).

When they started showing the specially made video of the love stories of the newly wed, the feeling was wonderful, it was romantic and touching.  The video was indeed the highlight of the whole dinner, but of course, not to forget how crazy those drifters friends of the bridegroom are as well, they totally liven up the whole place, laughter were everywhere and it was a whole lot of fun, everyone was happy and some got drunk soon afterwards.

Ah… I’m bad at blogging…. oh yeah… Other than attending a wedding dinner, celebrate a friend’s birthday during Christmas eve, I also managed to drift for the very first time in KL for two years!  Though I didn’t get to play in the car for too long (obviously its not my car), but the feeling was FINE…. I’ve been wanting to drift ever since… when will I finally have my own car ready… time will tell… and I can’t wait…

enough for now, continue with my college project raping!

A year passed…. – January 2007

What the… blink of an eye and it’s 2007!  Time has no mercy at all alright bwehehehe…

Was kinda bored tonight and I just happened to drop by my Friendster account to check out on things (which I rarely do for almost a year…), somehow had the mood to type a few crap in my blog, but hey, I do have few stories to share!

Ok let’s see.. where do I start?  Let’s start with my graduation from APIIT a.k.a UCTI (ya that’s their new name o.O), I’ve finished my 2 years Bachelor Degree course in KL and I was finally heading back towards my good’ol hometown, Sibu.  Having to finally STAY at home without worrying nor thinking about studying really relieves me, I was just sooo sick of studying again.. and can’t wait to get into my first job, which happens to be a quite well known company in Sibu.  Funny thing is, my specialty is in Multimedia and Computing, whilst my first job is…*drum roll*… Human Resource….. LOL!!

Before you start wondering, lemme explain.. Sibu, is a small town, and before I “accepted” this HR job, I did however applied for several companies, after some consultation from friends and of course family, then I chose the HR one.  Yes I can assure you there’s no opportunity at that moment, or else I wouldn’t even be in HR.

The salary, well it was ridiculous, but I’m too lazy to go there, working here in Sibu sucks, but that’s what my choice is.  And if you feel like knowing my reasons, well I’m lazy to explain all of that to you too LOL!!

Works aside, I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about my college results right?  Well this is what I like to talk about haha… I got a First Class Honours which I am very very happy of… not only that, I also been rewarded with the Outstanding Project Achievement thingy… which was uber cool!  The project which I’ve worked so hard on actually pays off, and I’m really glad.  For some of you that still unsure what my project is, go download this —> INTERACTIVE DRIFTING GUIDE

So.. what’s next?  ah yes… I’ve been thinking a lot ever since I started to settle down in Sibu.. Though my work and the pay sucks, but it’s enough to cover my daily expenses, and having to stay in a small town, stuffs and foods are relatively cheap, and I have a sweet house to sleep in, being with my family all the time, and of course able to spend all those quality moments with the people I love, such as my girl friend (if you’re feeling disgust, you can skip to the next paragraph XD… )  Thing is, having a simple life, is actually a good thing, I’m having a happy life each day, though I don’t have the usual ‘leisure’ lifestyle in big cities such as KL, but being together with family, friends (ol’time) and my girl each day is good enough.  BUT… thing is, I’m sure you all know how I WAS… a drifting maniac, a fanatic of cars burning tyres… crabwalking style… sliding… smokes… tire screeching… those kinda stuff.. ya know… drifting la… LOL!!  This paragraph is long enough, let’s move on to the next one..

DRIFTING!! Yes, I am still enthusiastic about it, though I can tell you that my mindset has changed a lot since then… but I’m still very into this drifting thing, ever since I came back to Sibu, I’ve reunited with my good old Charmant, and man this old car is tough I tell ya… driving it for that long without much maintaining work and it still runs fine (ya I know its a bad habit, I should take better care of it).  Oh and the roundabout thing? Yea I still do it sometimes, still only when it rains of course, but haven’t got caught up by any cops yet… touch wood!

Though my drifting with the Charmant remains the same, the car’s still stock, the usual venue for all those ‘actions’ are still the same as well, but thing is, I’ve found a new companion, he nicknamed himself “tofu” but he ain’t delivering real tofu… he’s actually a Doctor (Surgery too!) that just happens to own a TE72 equipped with 4AGE, upgraded suspensions and the LSD.  I’ve actually met this ‘tofu’ guy 2-3 years back, back then he only drives with his Satria, just started out drifting and still learning how to use the Ebrake, and guess what he’s become after 2 years, a full out drifter.. and when I look back at myself, DAMN!! STILL A NOBODY DRIVING A ALMOST CRAPPED CHARMANT THAT CAN’T EVEN WHEELSPIN ON DRY… *&%&$!%$%!!

Well to put it short, me and ‘tofu’ been having a lot of great sessions at a specific playground in sibu, ‘tofu’ been improving a lot while I was in the process of learning as well, he was also kind enough to let me drive his car for few times, the experience was of course excellent, as it’s actually my first time driving a 4AGE with LSD, you can bet that initiating a drift and holding it is not much of a problem AT ALL!

Man.. lot more to share but it seems like I’ve already typed too much.. guess I’ll leave it next time (if I ever come back soon).. CYA!

Stanley 2008 Carter – January 2008

About time I update this freaking friendster blog of mine!

Holy damn its 2008!  And I have plenty to share! Let start then…

I still work in the same company, but I’ve managed to squeeze myself into the I.T. department (oh thank god, finally!) Things changed a lot after my transfer, I’ve started to like my job, after some time in getting used to this, the job gets more exciting regardless of the pressure and difficulties that I have to endure, but hey, I love challenges, and its what keeps me moving forward, and I’m just glad that the challenges doesn’t stop, keep it coming yo~!

My previous blog entry mentioned a good friend of mine named Louis (a.k.a tofu), well he had a rough year in 2007, there’s good and then there’s the real bad.  The good is, he’s married with a beautiful woman, whom is also a surgeon (2 doctors, that means 1 super baby coming soon, damn!).  Now for the bad, he had a serious accident one day in a Sunny afternoon, while he was drifting alone at the usual playground, he was harrassed by local gangsters, for the full story, click here.  Here’s how his car looks like thanks to those motherfuckers:

Months after the incident, Louis and his wife moved to West Malaysia for good, the only decent drifter in Sibu is no more around.  But to my surprise, Louis have decided to sell me all the stuff on his car (except the body) at a very good and reasonable price, and best of all, he allows installment!  How could you refuse such an offer!  Anyways, to cut it short, click here to read the full story on my car’s rebirth and transformation to a real drift car, an old DREAM that has finally come true.

And here’s a few pictures for you to look at if you’re too lazy to read from the link that I’ve provided:Cockpitkd0

After my car was done, my drifting ambition finally became a reality, without much to be said, I, of course, have been drifting a whole lot ever since.  Though I don’t have any videos of me drifting at the moment, but do stay tune, it will come, it will…

Racing Simulation Game – Live For Speed
For some of you that don’t know about LFS, don’t mistaken it as NFS (Need For Speed), if you do, go knock yourself out please.
Anyways, I ain’t gonna talk much about it, all I have to say is, I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years, and I still do it almost everyday, and trust me, its where I learnt some of my real techniques from, thanks to this awesome gadget here:80366667fp3

And if you’re interested in seeing how this toy operates, check out my video yo~!

On the other hand, I’ve also made a fully flash-based website for my LFS team, Saiko D.

Christmas + Proposal
Now here’s something even more interesting, read on…

On 21st Dec 07, me and my
gf had a fairly small Christmas Party with a bunch of friends at a
local cafe restaurant. The evening was cool, nice food and loads of
gifts for most of us, it was great fun.

While my gf was having a great time, a female friend of ours
started to sing a beatiful Mandarin song by Teresa Teng “The Moon
Represents My Heart”

Picture taken by Simmy-Tan

Just right after she started singing, my phone rang, it was loud
and I was obviously embarrassed, hastily I ran out of the cafe to
answer my phone, few seconds after, the girl stopped singing. A male
voice continues the singing, and the singer soon walks back into the
cafe, it was me haha~! (Yes it was all planned lol!)

The moment I walked in the cafe singing, a friend passed me the
flowers (99 red/pink roses), my gf was stunned, the look on her face at
that time was hilarious, LOL!

After I finished my song, I kneel down and started the sweet talks…

Picture taken by Simmy-Tan

I then reached for the ring and popped the magic question, she was
so shy but apparently she answered “yes”, everyone cheered, and I’m a
happy man too haha~!

Picture taken by Simmy-Tan

Kissing in front of 40 people is a first for both of us! Embarassed

Picture taken by Simmy-Tan

Well, I guess that’s it for my first 2008 blog entry, hope you enjoyed it!