The barely naked Charmant!

Yep, my car is finally in the bodyshop, and had some of the interior parts stripped for rust inspection and repairs, at least the rear seats and the dashboards are still intact though.

dsc00282Front seats hilang!

dsc00281Another view of the interior from the rear door.

dsc00280Damn! Desperately in need of repair!

Due to the sorry fact that I visited the workshop at a much later time and equipped only with a handphone, the pictures that you see above are a bit dark, therefore I only took 3 of them.  Apart from stripping out the interior parts of my car, there isn’t really much been done just yet, I’ve actually visited the shop yesterday and much progress have been done on the left portion of the car, I assume the car should be near completion by the end of next week, hopefully.

Enough of the rust bucket pictures shall we?  Let’s move on to something less boring and ugly.

Last week my wife’s younger bro came to fix up something on my daily ride, and he came with his AE70 which was bought months ago.

dsc00279Sexy? Yes!

dsc00276Another sexy rear view of this ol’school car.


Apparently this car also needs some serious repairs to be done on its body.  Good thing is that it will be sent to the same workshop right after my car is completed.  Too bad my wife’s bro ain’t really into drifting, this would’ve been such a beauty if driven sideways!

6 Responses to “The barely naked Charmant!”

  1. Walauwei the rust at the left door is critical weh! Take your wife’s bro AE70 la, handling almost similar to AE86 la kekeke.

  2. Zam: Wait till you see the rest once I have the pictures taken! LOL!

    And nop, the AE70 may look sexier from the pictures that I’ve posted, but actually the car has more rust damages compared to my Charmant, you’d be shocked! Hence its going into the bodyshop right after mine’s done.

  3. Omigawd! And I thought my missus’ car was bad!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. STP: My car is way older than your missus’ one, of course its bad! LoL!

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